Halo Infinite does not allow replay of story missions; 343 Industries promises to fix it

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One of the features common to all Halo is the possibility of, once the campaign is over for the first time, replay any mission that we want when we want. An option that allows us to relive our favorite moments, get the skulls and specific achievements of a phase, or gradually overcome the game in legendary difficulty and LASO mode (Legendary All Skulls On). However, it seems that Halo Infinite has chosen to break this tradition. The title only allows the story to be passed through without giving the option to select a specific level. A sacrilege only at the height of removing the split screen (we look at you, Halo 5 …). From 343 Industries They wanted to clarify the reason for the decision and have promised to review it in the future.

“We don’t have a date yet, but We are working on it“acknowledged Paul Crocker, creative director associated with 343 Industries, in an interview for The Verge. “We want it to work well and when you have a more open game, things get quite complicated. In the end, we focus on making the best singleplayer campaign possible and from there on adding features. We wanted both the cooperative and the possibility of replaying the missions to be on the way out, but we had to prioritize to be on time“. To compensate, Crocker anticipates that collectibles (the mythical halo skulls and the new data pads) accumulate between games, so we take one during one pass and it will not be necessary to get it in any other.

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Halo Infinite pending accounts

Halo Infinite notes mark it as one of the best shooters of 2021, but as Crocker admits, the game still has outstanding accounts. To the option of replaying any mission, we must add the cooperative and forge modes, which will reach end of May, coinciding with the closing of the first season of its multiplayer mode. And precisely with the latter they also have to do some of the features yet to be closed. The community is claiming a different online progression system (for which the first improvements have already arrived) and new modes and maps such as Infection, Fiesta, SWAT or Free for All (for which there is a first date: before the end of the year). This time the mission of the Master Chief is going for a long time.


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