Halo Infinite: graphics and FPS comparison on Xbox Series vs Xbox One vs PC

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Halo Infinite goes on sale today, Wednesday, December 8, 2021, on Xbox Series consoles, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. How could it be otherwise, it also does it in Xbox Game Pass. The countdown has come to an end and, judging by the results, we are talking about an excellent video game (you can read our analysis here). The Campaign makes its debut on this date, thus accompanying the increasingly crowded multiplayer mode. From the channel The Bit Analyst we can see a graphical and FPS comparison of the final version of the Campaign on Xbox Series, Xbox One and computer. This is how they differ.

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Halo Infinite performance and graphical comparison: this is what the campaign looks like

Bit Analyst explains that all Xbox console versions use temporary upsamplin reconstruction, which is applied more visibly at horizontal resolution. Specifically, in Xbox Series X we have two graphics modes: quality mode with 2160p resolution (temporary reconstruction, usually at 1800p) at 60 FPS; and another FPS mode in which we can play with up to 120 FPS in 1440p resolution (temporary reconstruction, generally 1188p). The main visible difference is the draw distance, which is reduced in shadows, reflections, and terrain quality in FPS mode.

Xbox Series S it also offers two graphics modes. The first, 1080p at 30 FPS; the second, dynamic 1080p at 60 FPS. Then we find the last generation of consoles, where Xbox One X it reaches 4K resolution in its quality mode, but at 30 FPS. You can enjoy 60 FPS mode with temporal reconstruction in 1440p dynamic resolution. Finally, the already veteran Xbox One original supports dynamic 1080p (972p typically) at 30 FPS. The main difference between the version next gen and Xbox One is polygonal loading, especially on the ground. Additionally, some destructible or dynamic shadow assets are not projected on the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions.

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Finally, it should be noted that the Xbox Series S and Xbox One X versions have certain problems with stuttering in quality mode at 30 FPS.

Halo Infinite launches this December 8 in physical and digital format for Xbox Series, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Also on Xbox Game Pass. You can check here the time to unlock the campaign in your country.

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