Halo Infinite: How to View Game History and Multiplayer Stats

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Halo Infinite is already present for Microsoft. With the campaign mode scheduled for next December 8, the multiplayer facet is available to everyone en formato free to play. After a week of arena battles, the community wonders if there is any way to view combat history. We tell you how.

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How to view your stats in Halo Infinite

As of November 22, 2021, there is no way to view your combat history within the game. The title only shows the number of games you have played in matchmaking and personalized if you enter your profile, after clicking on your name in the navigation menu. Nevertheless, the game does register all the progress you make.

A website offers a complete profile of your Halo Infinite stats for free without registration. Call halotracker.com, it even offers you your game history, with automatic updates every half hour or so. If you prefer, you can force the refreshment in the upper right part of the screen.

Its use is very simple. Go into this link to directly access the profile of the game on the web. You will see a white hole where you can write your Xbox Live gamertag. Write the one you want and hit enter. You must wait a few seconds if your nickname does not appear in the drop-down. That means that no searches were generated on that profile. You will be automatically redirected to your page with the specific models.

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