Halo Infinite multiplayer sweeps Steam on its first day and reaches a historic position in the platform’s global ranking

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The multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite was launched yesterday, and Xbox Game Studios’ decision to release it on Steam alongside the Xbox PC app appears to have worked very good from the beginning.

According SteamDB, the game has experienced a large influx of players during the first day since its launch. Throughout the period, the maximum number of simultaneous Halo Infinite players eclipsed the quarter million player mark with 272,856 players, locating it instantly in position 22 in the historical ranking of simultaneous players of all time of the platform.

This places the game above Payday 2 and Rust, and just below Skyrim and Destiny 2. Given that the game reached this peak on a Monday, it is very possible that it will rise on those charts this week.

While the stats surrounding the Steam version of Halo Infinite are impressive enough on their own, the launch of the game on the platform became even more significant, as various other platforms running the game experienced launch issues an hour later of the ad.

Many of the gamers who tried to access the game on the Xbox PC app yesterday, experienced issues where the game didn’t seem to start properly. This appeared to be due to an issue with an update not showing up for download. Yes OK the Xbox PC app had a pre-install size of 200MB, the Steam version had a file size of around 26GB and allowed gamers to run the game as intended.

Since then, Issues with the Xbox PC version of the game have been resolvedAlthough it is not yet clear if the problems caused a greater influx of players on Steam.

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While Halo Infinite’s multiplayer appears to be experiencing a very successful launch, there are a number of factors that have likely contributed to this. First, it is a completely free multiplayer mode, which means that fans have nothing to lose by joining in on the action.

Nevertheless, even before yesterday’s release, the expectation was high. Many gamers have been waiting to play Halo Infinite for months after the game’s delay last year. While delays can sometimes indicate bad omens for a game at launch, many fans were excited to jump into multiplayer of Infinite after the positive reports which came through the prints of the most recent technical tests.

With Infinite already racking up a huge chunk of players since launch, it will be interesting see how the game plays over the weekend. This is usually the time when games experience the highest volume of players and Microsoft will surely expect that Infinite continue to climb the charts on various platforms.

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