Halo Infinite: Phil Spencer explains why they don’t reveal their exact release date

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Halo Infinite will launch these Christmas on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC; since its release on Xbox Game Pass. The reason you don’t have a release date defined yet it is not because they are not convinced that it will be available for the end-of-course campaign, but because of a mere strategic issue.

This was explained by Phil Spencer during his speech on the Dropped Frames podcast, held this June 23. The calendar will be tight in the months of October and November, so set a certain day where only Halo Infinite is the protagonist will depend, to a large extent, on the movements of the competition. In the same situation is Horizon Forbidden West, from PlayStation Studios, which has also promised to arrive at the end of 2021 … but without an exact day.

Halo Infinite will offer more details on its date throughout this summer

“Have you listened to Joseph [Staten] say […] this Christmas. In our case, we have our range between … three and four weeks, but we don’t have the exact day yet”, He begins by saying (via WCCFTech). There are other aspects to consider, Spencer acknowledges, such as the release window of other video games. Although it does not mention names, it should be noted that works such as Battlefield 2042 (October 22) or Forza Horizon 5 (November 9) have already chosen their moment.

It has even been speculated if Xbox Game Studios is interested in launching two major flagships on Xbox Game Pass, such as the new Forza from Playground Games and Halo Infinite on the same day. The US firm has not officially hinted at this possibility.

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We will have more clarity on this during the summer, but this is not a matter of months, but of a few weeks ”, he ends.

Halo Infinite has its launch fork set at a period of between three and four weeks. It will be between now and the end of September when we finally know when we will start listening to the music of the most ambitious title in the series. It will debut with a multiplayer mode free-to-play on all platforms where it will be put on sale; likewise, it will arrive accompanied by a campaign mode-

Source | Dropped Frames; via WCCFTech


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