Halo Infinite requires a 25GB download for the campaign; cannot be preloaded

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Wait comes to its end. Or well, almost. 343 Industries has confirmed that when Halo Infinite goes on sale today, December 8, 2021 (check here what time it will be available in your country), we will not be able to put ourselves in the shoes of the Master Chief immediately, but we will have to carry out a 25 GB download. And since unfortunately there is no option to lower it now to advance work, it seems that you will have to bite your nails a little more.

Buyers of the physical version of Halo Infinite have been particularly disappointed in this decision, who have discovered that the disc does not include the game and also requires an additional download. Everyone, both those who were lucky enough to get a copy ahead of time and those who got one this morning, have been forced to wait like the rest for the corresponding update to be uploaded.

You never know how this will affect servers and download speed, although if we let ourselves be carried away by the experience with multiplayer mode (launched a month ago in free to play), there is no reason to think wrong. In any case, this is the final size it will occupy the installation of Halo Infinite on computers and consoles:

If we already have the multiplayer beta installed …

  • Upgrade multiplayer: 3.97 G
  • Install the campaign: 25.86 GB
  • Both: 29.83 GB

If we don’t have anything installed …

  • Download multiplayer only: 26.53 GB
  • Download multiplayer and campaign: 48.42 GB
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Everything is to put ourselves in the hands of John 117 in his new epic, which seems to live up to the saga. In the analysis of this house, where Halo Infinite won a meritorious 9, our colleague Alejandro Castillo comments that “343 Industries has given its arm to twist and renounced its creative vision to return to the starting box. Modernize the right an immortal formula and makes us vibrate again next to the Master Chief in an adventure that only the Halo brand is able to offer“.


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