Halo Infinite reveals more details about bot behavior in multiplayer

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It is possible that Halo didn’t invent the teabag act after eliminating your enemies (or what is the same, the act of bending over them and standing several times to simulate a sexual relationship), but it certainly popularized it. But according to 343 Industries, the powerful bots of Halo Infinite they won’t mock the players.

Eurogamer approached 343 for learn more about Halo Infinite bots, which players faced when 343 hosted its first Halo Infinite multiplayer test. These bots were slick and tough and they could kill players quite easily. But they would never brag about it.

And to start with bots will not implement the teabag act in Halo Infinite. In fact, in a longer reply to Eurogamer, 343 says that’s so because bots they are there to help players even while killing them.

“Bots are primarily a part of Halo Infinite for help players learn and experiment with the multiplayer experience. We want players to feel comfortable making mistakes against bots because making mistakes means you are improving and working on skills that you haven’t mastered yet. “the study said.

“We never want to punish learning, let alone getting bots involved in cbehaviors that a player might feel are exclusive “they concluded.

However, there were reports corresponding to proof that a bot hit a player after killing him. 343 says this was a bug, and that the bot was actually trying to jump off the edge of a ramp.

In short, the best will be follow the bot’s lead and become a polite winner when Halo Infinite is finally released. While there is no exact release date yet, Xbox boss Phil Spencer is confident that the team will make it to the holiday launch window and they are currently pending to offer a final release date.

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On the other hand, if you missed the first Halo Infinite tech test, 343 has confirmed that there will be bigger tests in the future before launch.

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