Halo Infinite welcomes its new free event, Winter Plan; rewards and dates

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Halo Infinite receives its second free event: Winter Plan. This special Christmas frame will celebrate these special dates with thematic cosmetics after unlocking. You will see it within the game between December 21, 2021 and January 4, 2022. We tell you everything you need to know. And if you prefer to see it live, at the top of the news we leave you with its trailer.

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Winter Plan in Halo Infinite: rewards and how to unlock them

The rewards that await you in Winter Plan reach the bulk of customization items. Expect new armor pieces (Mark VII core), Christmas motif skins, backgrounds, and assault rifle skins MA40 and the Secuaz Mk 50 pistol.

Inside your grill of weekly challenges you will see added those linked to the event, marked with a different color than the basic gray. The first one, for example, invites us to win 2 games in Party mode. As you complete challenges you will unlock levels of the rewards.

Then we leave you with the list.

  1. Wild Justice – Epic Badge

  2. Minty Laughs – Rare armor plating for Mark VII

  3. UA / Tatius – Rare left shoulder pad for Mark VII

  4. UA / Tatius – Rare right shoulder pad for Mark VII

  5. Minty Laughs – Rare Casing for MA40 Assault Rifle

  6. Snowgeon – Epic Background

  7. Navlogcom – Rare Boards

  8. Minty Laughs – Minion MK50 Pistol Liner

  9. Myesel Ammo Holster – Rare Utility for Mark VII

  10. Contessa of Dusk – Epic Armor Casing for Mark VII

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Remember that after Winter Plan it will be the second week of Fracture: Tenrai who will take the witness. Event that will add new free cosmetics as your pass progresses. Find out the details here.

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