Halsey Sued by a former nanny for ‘not paying overtime wages’

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Singer Halsey is facing a thorny court case in the wake of the lawsuit filed against her by Ender’s former nanny, the celebrity’s first and currently only child.

According to People magazine, Ashley Funches, who worked for the pop star until October 2021, has accused her former boss of exploiting her for work, of not granting her enough days off and, also, of not having compensated her properly for the endless overtime derived from her responsibilities to the child.

In their brief, Funches’ lawyers also stress that she was fired fulminantly when she asked the American artist for a few days off to undergo surgery. Faced with the singer’s refusal, Funches openly complained about her working conditions and exposed to the singer a wide list of reasons that explained her discontent.

At that moment, Halsey would have parted with his services and, shortly after, would have sent him a payment of $ 5,000 as a settlement. “I wasn’t given any explanation of how that settlement was supposed to compensate me for all the overtime I did,” Ashley Funches said.

For her part, the singer-songwriter has rejected each and every one of the accusations and has described Funches’ lawsuit as “baseless.” In fact, Halsey has pointed out that his former nanny was fired for “concrete incidents” related to the “lack of supervision of Ender and his presence in unsafe places”, as can be seen from the resounding response he has sent to the courts.

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