Hanabi: Career, Net Worth, And Family

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The Anime world is back. People want to continue the legacy of some classic anime to see more of their stories in the segments. Naruto is a classic anime that has received a whole fan following worldwide. People are crazy about every episode of naruto. They are guessing the scenarios of the series and are thrilled by the new twists and turns of the attacks. 

Rock Lee is one of the main supporting characters of the Naruto series. For most Naruto fans, he is the hero of the series. In the anime world, the mystery of Rock Lee’s wife is at the top. Many people have theories, but no one knows about rock lee’s wife. In this article, we will see the real identity of rock lee’s wife. So let us know more about him in the further article. 

Is Hanabi Rock Lee’s Wife?

Hanabi: Career, Net Worth, And Family

Most of the population and critics have agreed that Hanabi is the wife of rock lee. They believed that according to the story and their similar interest, she was the one who fits best with the character. Hanabi’s date of birth is 27 march. In the last boruto part of naruto, her age is 26 years old, which is perfect for being the lead character’s wife.

According to her birth date, her zodiac sign is Aries. Her father’s name is Hiashi Hyuga, and her mother is Hanabi. Her name is given on the name of her mother only. Her height is 132.4 cm. She belongs to the type A blood group. Her weight is 28.9 kg. Her eye color is white with a beautiful set of brown hairs. 

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She is the heiress of the Hyuga clan. Her ninja rank is blank period gein. She has a team of 15 members. She is quiet, polite, respectful, confident, fashionable, and talented. However, she is a strict teacher of jonin sensei. Hanabi hyuuga’s affiliation is Konohagakure( hidden leaf 


Hanabi’s Family

She is the younger daughter of hiashi. Her father holds the hyuga clan. Besides his parents, she has an older sibling named Hinata Hyuga. She is five years older than Hanabi. Her extended family includes grandfather hyuga, elder, uncle hizashi hyuga, cousin neji hyuga, niece Himawari Uzumaki, nephew boruto uzumaki, and adoptive nephew kawaii. 

  • Hanabi’s voice carters in the series are
  •  japanese –  Kiyomi Asai
  • English – Colleen Villard and Kari Wahlgren
  • Italian – Di pisa loretta
  • French- basecqz julie and correa alexandra 
  • German- folster, linda
  • Portuguese – ferreira, priscila 

Hanabi’s Appearance 

As the episodes and parts of the Naruto series have come to the floor, every character’s appearance has changed slightly. In the first part of naruto, hanabi’s hair is long. Her hair reached the middle of her back and had parted bangs. She has a single lock of hair falling on her face. Her dress is a sleeveless blue v-neck t-shirt with mesh armor underneath. She matched her top with blue shorts and sandals. 

In the second part, she changes her look drastically. Her hair was short, framing her face in an asymmetrical bob style. She also has front bangs reaching to her chin on the face. She has also changed her outfit. She wears a tan vest jacket with white wristbands on both hands. 

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After two years of the fourth shinobi world war, she changed her look again. Her hair is longer than in the first part of the series, reaching to her hips. She uses a white ribbon to tie it with a ponytail. She has also changed her outfit into a long-sleeved tan colored kimono shirt with red-orange flames. She paired it with a knee-length skirt with a white obi around the waist. 

Theories Behind Hanabi As A Rock Lee’s Wife

Though there is no confirmation from the director’s slides, she is the wife of rock less’s and a mother of metal lee. Metal Lee is the son of Rock lee. People have asked her to be Rock Lee’s wife because of her strong character. 

In the whole series, she has played a significant role in naruto. She possesses a strong character in the series. She has developed her character from each part, and she holds a caln to order in the latest part. She is a well-known character in the anime world, just like the rock less. Her character is still on the progressive path, and there are clues that she holds a strong position in the upcoming series. 

However, hanais fate is left untold. She has been excluded from the epilogue, raising doubts about whether she is the wife of rock lee or not. Some people think that writers have different things in mind. They plan to reveal her side of the story in the next part of the Naruto series. This theory may hold a strong possibility because she has a vital role and character in the series. 

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Other Theories Behind The Rock Lee’s Wife

The writers have not depicted anything clearly in the series, so fans are making their theories about it. According to some fans of anime, Rock Lee married Azami. She is the daughter of taijutsu master Chen. She is the daughter of Tsubaki and iyashi. Her father is on the council of the village.

She is a cheerful, sweet, and devoted girl who knows her powers. She has light brown hair pulled in a high ponytail. She has shoulder-length side bangs. She wears a yellow and black jacket. Her jacket holds a high collar with red pants. 

Another group thinks that rock lee’s wife is her teammate tenten. They have trained together with the same mindset. They spent hours together under the same roof, thus building a connection. Tenten initially has solid feelings for Neji. But she needs support and a stable hand after his death. 

She is the perfect match for rock lee as they have many things in common. They are under the same roof under the same training panel for the same mission. However, she has still not recovered from the death of neji altogether, 

However, rock, less wife is still a mystery to many. The writers have yet to disclose the character, which makes the series different twist. She may come up at a very unexpected time in the series and changes the course of his life and series. Let’s wait and watch for the real reasons of the writers. 

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