Hande Erçel: the record that the “Love Is in the Air” actress broke on her 28th birthday

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The actress Hande Ercel who played Eda Yıldız in the soap opera “Love Is in the Air”Enjoys great worldwide fame after the Ottoman success was considered one of the most viewed productions in Turkey, Spain and Latin America. In addition to shining in the world of acting, the young woman has a degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts and at the age of 28 she made news again.

Undoubtedly, “Love Is in the Air“Was one of the productions that made the actress Hande Ercel will achieve great recognition from the audience when playing Ed Yildiz with her colleague and boyfriend, Kerem Bursin who embodied Serkan Bolat.

The soap opera “Love Is in the Air” (“Sen Cal Kapimi”, In its original language) tells the story of Eda Yildiz, a young flower seller who has to deal with Serkan Bolat, a young and rich heir whom she holds responsible for having lost a scholarship to study in Italy. But Bolat proposes a deal: if he pretends to be his fiancée for two months, he will help her pay for her college.

After having triumphed with “Love Is in the Air“, the actress Hande Ercel He continues with his personal projects, growing professionally in the world of acting. On the other hand, he also surprised his thousands of fans by turning 28 and breaking a new record.

As is known, it is becoming a tradition that very famous actors ask their thousands of fans for some donations for certain Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on their birthdays. In that sense, the actress Hande Ercel He performed an act that was highly applauded by many on his birthday.

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As a way to receive a nice birthday present, the actress asked her fans and followers to donate to the Cancer Free Life Association so that this entity continues to fight against this serious disease for the benefit of the thousands of people who suffer from it.

To the surprise and joy of Hande Ercel his wish was fulfilled and there were many who donated to the association. With this, a record amount of donation was achieved at the end of the campaign.

The money that could be collected was more than 300 thousand Turkish pounds product of the donation of the fans of the actress. This figure would be equivalent to approximately US $ 21,915.

The Cancer-Free Life Association thanked this gesture by means of the following message: “Our hero, Hande, whose heart is bigger than his height, also spread his wings for us this year. They also enforced their wishes for us. And thanks to you, our esteemed donors, 311,670 TL donations have been collected so far. This is not a numeric record. That’s a good record”.

It should be noted that the mother of the actress Hande Ercel died a few years ago a victim of cancer. That is why the artist has also dedicated herself to paying special attention to cancer patients.

His noble gesture has also served to make Hande Erçel the face of the Cancer-Free Life Association as a social responsibility project.

Hande Erçel was born on November 24, 1993 in Bandırma, Turkey. Currently, the actress and model is 27 years old. Erçel studied at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in Istanbul, where he graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, his other great passion.

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