Handheld PC Steam Deck: Valve specifies delivery date

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Valve has specified the delivery date of its own handheld PC Steam Deck. If the manufacturer granted a delay from December 2021 to February 2022 last year, there is now talk of the end of February.

According to Valve’s own statements, this means that it is in the updated shipping schedule. The company justified the original shift with the global chip shortage, according to which Valve was also unable to procure all the required components in sufficient quantities in good time.

If you have pre-ordered a Steam Deck, you can see the expected delivery window of your handheld PC on the Overview page of the Steam Deck see. Valve roughly enters the expected quarter there when you are logged in with your account.

Test phase of already produced Steam Decks.

(Bild: Valve)

In the blog post, Valve writes that the compatibility checks for the “Verified for Steam Deck” categorization are in full swing. Reviews of how well games run on the Steam Deck are said to be appearing in the store “soon”. Rating categories include controller control input, load times, display, and system support.


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