Hanko Identity wants to say goodbye to passwords

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The Kiel start-up company Hanko.io wants to offer developers an easy-to-implement method to integrate password-free identity and access management (IAM) into any application – from desktop to mobile apps to browsers. For this purpose, Hanko.io has now officially launched the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Hanko Identity, which is based on the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards.

While FIDO2 and its browser counterpart WebAuthn basically support passwordless login, and the procedure can also be used under Windows 10/11, Android (from version 7) as well as macOS and Apple’s mobile operating systems, numerous company applications in particular still see authentication by password before. The new Hanko Identity service is intended to remedy this with a plug-and-play approach and significantly simplify the implementation of IAM, because the integration of two-factor authentication methods or biometric processes in addition to passwords is often a complicated undertaking, according to the Hanko founders and CEO Felix Magedanz emphasized in the announcement.

The offer is therefore designed as a “starter package” with which developers can quickly and securely implement new software projects with an integrated authentication function. As a member of the international FIDO Alliance and the first certified European provider of a FIDO solution, Hanko.io wants to offer a password-free IAM “Made in Germany” that is suitable for all use cases from a simple login on a customer portal to two-factor authentication (2FA). in regulated, security-relevant areas such as finance or healthcare. Hanko relies on the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 standards for authentication and authorization.

After Hanko.io tested the service with various pilot customers from areas such as the banking sector, Hanko Identity is complete are now generally available via the provider’s homepage. The SaaS should be adaptable to individual requirements in just a few steps. Thanks to a test account that is not limited in time, interested parties have the opportunity to familiarize themselves extensively with the service.


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