Who is Hannah Selleck?

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Tom Selleck, a famous Hollywood actor best known for his involvement in “Blue Arteries” and “Large P.I.,”  as well as movies like “Three Men and a Baby,” is the father of Hannah Margaret Selleck. Hannah Selleck is the only kid born to Tom Selleck and his wife, Jillie Mack.

While she was born into a well-known Hollywood family and was going to head for a life filled with ease and wealth, her family was determined to give her the most “normal” childhood they could. Her parents thus relocated to a ranch house out of Los Angeles. Hannah Selleck has had a great love for horseback riding since she was very young.

For several of his films, such as “The Sacketts” and “Quigley Down Under,” her father had acquired horseback riding skills. He taught her how to ride horses when she was only four. She eventually became passionate about horses and horseback riding.

However, she did not choose to enter the performing field as her father did when picking a job. Instead, she decided to work with her father to launch a horse breeding enterprise.

Hannah Early Life

Tom Selleck, a well-known Hollywood actor and producer, and his current wife, Jillie Joan Mack, welcomed Hannah Margaret Selleck into the world on December 16, 1988. Her mother previously worked as an actress and dancer. Her father first saw her mother during a musical “Cats” performance, and the two had since become close friends. Hannah was born precisely one year after they were married. 

From her father’s first marriage, she has a brother named Kevin, who, like their father, also became an actor. Hannah was passionate about horseback riding, music, and ice skating as a young child.

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Hannah Career

Who is Hannah Selleck?

Hannah Selleck’s childhood passion for horses and horseback riding persisted throughout her adolescence and early adulthood. Despite her parents being well-known figures in the movie business, she decided not to enter the profession. Instead, she decided to train to be a top-level equestrian. 

She has received several honours thus far in her career, including the 16-year-old equitation competition at Capitol Challenge in 2006 and the Silver Group Medal at the Prix de Nations in 2005.

She has participated in Grand Prix competitions and is a world-class jumper. She competed in prestigious events as the Longines Masters in her hometown of Los Angeles in 2015 and the Gucci Premiere in 2011.

She pursued a communication degree at Loyola Marymount University despite having a great career as an equestrian. She started working in business after graduating. She spent six months as an intern at a public affairs agency in Beverly Hills. However, she quickly became weary of spending the entire day indoors and decided to pick up horseback riding again.

Hannah Selleck now co-manages a California-based Descanso Farms boutique breeding stable with her dad, Tom Selleck. Young horses are raised on the farm and trained to become professional sports horses that Hannah either buys or utilises.

Hannah Selleck is also a representative of the equestrian organisation JustWorld International. She performed a parachute jump in March 2014 to raise profit for the company.

Awards and Recognition

Hannah has many amateur medals from events, including the 2007 Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals, the 2008 Superior Achievement Equestrian Federation Show Jumping Talent Search Finals-West, and the North American Youth Championships. In 2010, she triumphed in her maiden grand pix at the Californian Blenheim Summer Classic.

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According to Palm Springs Magazine, Hannah most recently achieved top-five positions as a professional athlete at The Pacific World Championship in the 2015 Longines Championships of Los Angeles.

Hannah Personal Life

Who is Hannah Selleck?

Hannah Margaret Selleck likes to maintain a low profile online and steer clear of social networks. According to specific reports, she allegedly has a connection with her lover Beto Gutierrez.

There is no news regarding their marriage;  she is now concentrating on her professional life.

Hannah Net Worth

Hannah is a model and competitive horse rider. These two businesses, which are her primary sources of revenue, have brought her a significant amount of income. On their land, she and her dad grow horses together. Her net worth is $1 million.


A positive father-daughter bond exists between Tom Selleck and Hannah Margaret Selleck. Hannah exemplifies a strong work ethic and versatility. She has used these to establish herself as a dependable, well-known horseback rider and model. She is a guiding light to many women because of how much she has accomplished at such a young age.

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