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Hans Zimmer’s favorite Batman piece of music isn’t what you expected

Hans Zimmer has revealed his favorite score by Batman, referring to her as “the most glorious piece of Batman” I’ve ever heard of, and it’s the trabajo de Elliot Goldenthal en Batman Forever y Batman & Robin.

Speaking to MRT, the award-winning composer, who previously worked on the brilliant scores of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight saga, reflected on the evolution of his career and the experiences he has had with other music masters over the years, including those who have participated in Batman movies, like Danny Elfman and Michael Giacchino.

Zimmer spoke about what makes a Batman OST be good at reflecting on the different sounds of each composition. And he did so just before determining that Elliot Goldenthal’s work is “the best Batman soundtrack ever.”. Zimmer said that he was invited to Poland to take the stage of the concert dedicated to Elliot (2018) to play Inception, place where Goldenthal would present his musical suite of superheroes.

“It was the happiest moment of my life, see how his art, his dexterity and his sheer audacity in writing and his imagination, completely swept with my little piece of Inception. And his was the most glorious piece of Batman I’ve ever heard. “Zimmer said of Goldenthal’s music. It was just amazing. It was amazing and everyone knew it. “.

“It’s nice when you can really tell that someone did something that you are immediately, incredibly familiar with, and that he has done much better than you could, and you can feel inspired and exhilarated. “Zimmer added. admitting that it helped him understand that maybe i could “study a little more” and “work a little more”.

Goldenthal took over from Danny Elfman to compose the music of Batman Forever in 1995 and then returned with director Joel Schumacher to compose the music for Batman & Robin in 1997, showing a fun and unique style.

Zimmer identified his soundtrack for Tony Scott’s The Fan as one of his least appreciated works, admitting that “no one went to see” the movie when it was released in 1996. “Maybe it wasn’t the best movie in the world.”, said. “But I think it’s a pretty good soundtrack, pretty daring so I quite like that. And it is not for those who suffer from the heart. “.

Too highlighted Ridley Scott’s Hannibal as another movie with an underrated soundtrack. “I think I wrote my best love song on that one because I always felt that Hannibal Lecter he had no reason to live if it weren’t for his obsession with Clarice Starling, and vice versa.”he explained.

Moreover, the acclaimed composer Michael Giacchino is composing the music for The Batman (directed by Matt Reeves), which will premiere on March 4, 2022. He recently shared a clip of an orchestra performing part of the soundtrack, which aligned with the visual tone and atmosphere present in the first trailer of this reboot, with a suitably gothic, haunting and dramatic sound.

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