Happy birthday, Keanu Reeves! The 5 best films of the actor

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Keanu Reeves He turns 57 today and we want to highlight some of the high points of a successful career that never changed the values ​​of this charismatic human being full of good intentions. Many times he demonstrated his solidarity with other people and his humble view of the human condition made him one of Hollywood’s favorite personalities. Everyone loves Keanu!

Some information about the interpreter of Neo? In his youth he played hockey and had the dream of becoming a professional. They nicknamed him The wall. They once asked him what happened after death. Keanu wisely replied that he did not know the answer to that question, but that our loved ones will miss us so much. Applause! The actor invested part of his fortune for cancer research and financing hospitals for sick children. A real hero!

+ The 5 best Keanu Reeves movies

5. Limit Point

In this case, the interpreter brings to life Johnny Utah, an FBI agent who is undercover in a gang of surfers who, season after season, rob banks to finance their vacations on the best beaches on the planet. Everything will get complicated when Special Agent Utah falls in love with a surfer tied to the group of criminals. In addition, Johnny’s partner will suffer the consequences of facing the villains.

4. The Devil’s Advocate

Kevin Lomax He is a talented attorney who did not lose a single case in his hometown. Then, a prestigious New York firm sets its eye on the young man to be its new star. Kevin’s boss, John Milton, hides a terrifying secret: he is the devil himself. The lawyer’s professional obligations will alienate him from his family as an unknown threat grows ever closer.

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3. Dracula

Jonathan Harker takes some property documents to the Count Dracula. The vampire discovers that the lawyer’s future wife is the reincarnation of the love of his life. So, he kidnaps Harker from his Transylvanian castle and travels to London to meet the owner of his heart. Horror story? Spectacular performances by Keanu Reeves y Gary Oldman.

2. John Wick

The franchise that tells the story of the killer who loves dogs and is not afraid to launch his revenge against the criminals who stole his car and murdered his puppy, the last gift from his recently deceased wife. High-flying action and a performance that opened the possibility of a franchise that conquered the world. !John Wick is the deadliest killer!

1. The Matrix

The most iconic role of the actor: Neo, the chosen one. It is the human being who has absolute power within the Matrix, a virtual simulation used by machines to control humanity. Neo will be key to free Zion, the last city of man, near the center of the Earth. Next to Morpheus and Trinity display different abilities as they face the fearsome Agent Smith.


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