“Harrison Ford’s Career Owes It All to Me – The Untold Story”

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Al Pacino Claims Harrison Ford Owes Him Career Success

On May 4th, Star Wars Day is celebrated by fans of the iconic franchise, which not only created a parallel world but also changed the aesthetic standards of the cinematic universe. Harrison Ford, thanks to his portrayal of Han Solo, emerged as one of the most prominent actors of his generation, but fellow actor Al Pacino opened up about a controversy that could have changed the course of history.

Pacino stated that Ford’s success might not have come to pass if it weren’t for him. “Really, Harrison Ford owes me his career,” said Pacino at a conference, much to the surprise of all present. The Perfume of a Woman star went on to explain that this statement was not far from the truth.

“I came from doing The Godfather. He was like the new guy at the office and you know what it’s like when you get famous….They would have even offered me to play Queen Elizabeth at that time. They didn’t care if I was right for the part or not, and they didn’t even care if I could act or not,” revealed Pacino.

In a previous interview, Pacino had alluded to turning down several roles that ended up being performed by other actors. For instance, he rejected the role of Jon McClane in Die Hard and noted that he was responsible for giving Bruce Willis his career.

While Al Pacino shared the spotlight with Harrison Ford, he took the opportunity to talk about some of his past roles. He acknowledged that he was almost fired from The Godfather in the middle of filming. Pacino recalled that Francis Ford Coppola told him directly one day, “You know? He had a lot of faith in you. And you’re failing me.”

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The studio heads didn’t understand the character’s inner journey, which Pacino had in mind for his role as Michael Corleone. He said, “I wanted to come out of nowhere and, at the end of the movie, create some kind of enigma. His transition from him is what interested me, but at the time I felt like I couldn’t save him. After the first day of shooting, Diane Keaton and I got drunk. We thought, ‘This is it, our careers are over.'”

Despite almost being fired, Pacino’s performance during the shooting of The Godfather saved his career. Similarly, in Scarface, one shot saved his career while another put him in the hospital. Pacino recalls, “One day, we were filming a shooting and fighting scene. I fire about 30 shots, get hit, the gun drops, and I’m supposed to be hurt. I go to pick it up and put my hand on the barrel. My hand got stuck, and I had to go to the hospital. I arrived covered in blood, and the nurse thought I was a criminal. I was off the set for two weeks.”

Al Pacino has had quite an experience in Hollywood throughout his career. From being on the verge of being fired to almost losing a hand in the filming of Scarface, Pacino has had quite a journey. Regardless, there is no doubt that he has left a lasting impression on the film industry.

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