Harry Potter Wizards Unite exhausts its magic: Niantic sets a date for the definitive closure of its servers

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the adventure and augmented reality video game for iOS and Android mobiles in the purest style of Pokémon GO, will close its servers next January 31, 2022. So it has announced from Niantic, responsible for the title, thanking the support of the fans and ensuring that there are still many paths to explore in this type of interactive experiences. Thus, after just over two years of activity, the title based on the Harry Potter universe will say its final goodbye in less than two months after not becoming the phenomenon that its creators expected.

Niantic will continue to bet on new AR experiences

Thus, after reaching the mobile market in early summer 2019, Harry Potter Wizards Unite has kept its community active through numerous events, although apparently the forecasts have not been reached at the level of popularity and activity of the community. Even so, Niantic appreciates the support and assures that they will continue to explore the genre with new and fresh proposals.

“Not all games are meant to last forever. Our goal with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite was to bring the magic of the wizarding world into real life for millions of players to go outside and explore their neighborhoods. We have accomplished this together, wearing a two-year story arc that will be completed soon “, they assure from Niantic. And it is that Niantic continues to work on offering new experiences to fans of augmented reality, an innovative way of understanding the video game that became a phenomenon with the explosion of Pokémon GO in mid-2016.

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“Looking ahead, the power of augmented reality allows us to create magical worlds on top of the real world, and there are so much potential out there that we have yet to explore”. So much so, that the company has just launched Pikmin Bloom, the bet of the popular Nintendo franchise in the field of augmented reality.

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