“Harry s laughs off comparisons to Geordie Shore tattoos”

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Harry s Jokes About His Geordie Shore Tattoo Comparisons

Harry s has once again made headlines for his tattoo collection. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter has over 50 inks on his body and has now joked that he looks like an extra from the British reality show ‘Geordie Shore’. Harry’s friend Roman Kemp shared this news with ‘The Sun’ newspaper’s Bizarre column.

According to Roman, he saw Harry from behind, and the tattoos were the only thing that gave him away. However, Harry joked about how he looks like he joined ‘Geordie Shore’. Roman added that Harry is really muscular and that his fans won’t complain about it.

Harry’s Tattoo Collection

Harry has been known to get a lot of attention for his extensive tattoo collection. One of his famous tattoos is a matching Ed Sheeran penguin. However, Ed recently shared that they have both slowed down on their ink. Speaking on the ‘Sprout’ podcast, he said that when they were in their early 20s, they planned to get a lot of tattoos. But now, they have both calmed down a bit.

The Journey So Far

Roman Kemp also spoke about his journey with Harry. He highlighted that they both started their careers around the same time, with the help of a guitarist named Chris Leonard, who Harry and Ed both knew. They used to play together, and Harry even let Roman crash at his house.

Looking back, Roman feels very proud of Harry. He exclaimed how it is amazing to watch Harry go from being in the biggest boy band in the world to the biggest solo artist in the world. Roman also reflected on the peculiarities of their journeys, saying that it’s weird to go through your formative years and become so successful.

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Despite everything, Roman is super proud of Harry and all he has achieved. And, of course, fans will continue to keep a close eye on Harry’s tattoo collection.

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