Harsh criticism of Licorice Pizza, the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson

Harsh criticism of Licorice Pizza, the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson He has already started to see the good results of his last film, Licorice Pizza, which in some markets began to be projected. Production headed by Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman, the son of Philip Seymour Hoffman (one of the actors who worked the most with the director), has a 92% approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes and more than positive reviews for his story. It will only arrive in Latin America in January of next year.

Licorice Pizza It is part of the genre of coming of age and tells the story of the first love they live Alana and Gary as they go through their adolescence and youth in the San Fernando Valley, California. The film is set in the 70s and has a luxurious cast, with figures such as Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper and Tom Waits. Despite being highly talked about, in recent days she began to be questioned for her racism.

The racism against Asians of which they accuse Licorice Pizza

Just write Licorice Pizza on Twitter to discover that the platform quickly proposes to autocomplete the search with the word “racist”. Apparently, a scene with the owner of a restaurant is presented in a comedic tone but it was not very well received by some viewers. The sequence in question shows John Michael Higgins fake an Asian accent to talk with his wife and at the same time do it again with another woman. What was meant to be funny was harshly questioned.

The user @TREErenceMalick reproaches their racism and blames the “Pseudo-sophisticated critics who always justify racism against Asians when their favorite ‘esteemed artists’ are at the helm”. Secondly, @robertlowry writes: Licorice Pizza it’s cool but someone really has to ask Paul thomas about the terrible and totally not funny and awkward anti-Asian joke that he uses TWICE in the movie “.

Sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen was interviewed by NBC and in his networks he shared the note, where he wrote: “It is irresponsible to use anti-Asian racism as a running joke. Racist stereotypes like accents are in bad taste ”. According to the published article, a study conducted by el Instituto Geena Davis, Gold House y Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment It resulted in that of the ten highest grossing films of each year of the past decade, it found that 25% of Asian characters had the role of the comic relief and half performed for the audience to laugh at.

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