Harvard’s 11 tips to improve your sex life

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The stress, anxiety, uncertainty, worry and task overload, and general fear that caused the pandemic due to coronavirus decreased the sexual appetite worldwide, especially that of women. This was confirmed by several scientific studies published throughout the year in different international health journals. However, all is not lost. Science is advancing in the fight against COVID-19, and more and more people are getting immunized. Little by little, life is getting closer to the old normality.

However, the loss of sexual desire is not only due to the context, but also to other factors such as age, time as a couple, emotional states … So how do you regain desire and improve the sex life? Harvard University School of Medicine answered that question and gave 11 tips to relight the flame (in the case of long-term couples) and enjoy the sexual fullness, either individually or in company.


Something that seems so obvious is not always put into practice. “There’s a lot self-help material valid available on sexual problems. Look for what works best for you and make sure that both you and your partner are well informed. And if it is violent for them to talk about it face to face, they can exchange those things that were most interesting to them, “said the specialists who participated in the report.

Take time

Not all people are the same or have the same wishes. Over time, sexual reflexes they slow down: it takes longer to reach the orgasm, for example. That is why specialists suggest that people do not hurry during the sexual act and that they do it in a “quiet environment, comfortable and without interruptions ”. “Investing more time in making love can lead us to new sexual experiences,” they concluded.

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Use lubricants

Women, especially from the menopause, They can suffer vaginal dryness, which can in turn generate inconvenience Y dolores during sexual intercourse that inhibit the sensation of placer and they make those who are part of that intimacy uncomfortable. Therefore, they recommend using the lubricating gels that are very effective to avoid those bad moments that can cause tension Y nervousness.

Be affectionate

It does not matter if it is a stable couple O sporadic. To be affectionate in bed, “it is essential to maintain emotional ties Y physical”, They assured. This can be manifested through sensual and loving words, hugs, caresses, kisses, and so on.

Practice contact

Many therapists advise sensory focus to recover the physical intimacy without feeling pressured. It is about touching each other while each concentrating on their perceptions and his sensuality. “Touching each other, without fear of running your hand over your entire body, can help reestablish physical intimacy without feeling pressured ”, explained the specialists.

Try different sexual positions

Expand the repertoire of sexual positions in bed not only adds a plus of interest and imagination to sex, it can also help you overcome problems, according to Harvard University. In addition, certain postures make it easier for women and men to reach the orgasm.

Write sexual fantasies on paper

Put on paper the sexual fantasies Your own and sharing them with your sexual partner can help you explore new activities in bed. Specifically, the university recommends resorting to some thought O movie that has generated excitement at some point. “This is especially useful for people who often have little desire and whose routine has ended up affecting their relationships ”, they maintained.

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Encourage sex toys

Use a vibrator alone or as a couple can help a woman to learn about his own sexual response, allowing you to show your partner what you like the most.

Try to relax

Not all people have the same interests Y pleasures. There are those who prefer to have a drink before having sexual intercourse, listen to music, go out to dinner, among endless options. Find what generates Calm down is, for Harvard specialists, key to the predisposition to be had later in the sexual act.

Do Kegel exercises

The Kegel exercises or contraction exercises pubococcygeus muscle They serve to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Both men and women can improve their sexuality exercising that area. To do these exercises, you have to press the muscle as if trying to hold urine. Specialists recommend maintaining the contraction for two to three seconds and then relax. Repeat it ten times and do five sets a day.

Not giving up

In the case of people who try to have sex and for various reasons cannot, specialists suggest Do not panic and consult with a doctor or sex therapist to identify what it is that is depriving the person of having a satisfying sex life.

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