Hasbulla Magomedov: Facts About ‘Mini Khabib’ You Should Know

Hasbulla Magomedov: Facts About 'Mini Khabib' You Should Know

An 18-year-old blogger from Dagestan named Hasbullah Magomedov has recently gained internet fame after the news of his altercation with the artist Abduroziq went viral on social media. This battle, involving two teens with dwarfism, has caused controversy and has been deemed “unethical” by the Sports Association of Little People of Russia.

Hasbulla Magomedov, sometimes known as “Mini Khabib,” is from Makhachkala in the Russian Federation’s republic of Dagestan. During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, he rose to fame online after his TikTok videos went viral, making him the topic of countless memes, posts, and tweets. 

Hasbulla is widely known in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) community, despite not being formally affiliated, as a result of one of his most popular movies, which recreated the weigh-in of UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Why is Hasbulla so famous?

Since November 2020, Hasbulla has amassed over 3 million Instagram followers. His platform, which he built around videos that parodied MMA (mixed martial arts), helped him become popular on TikTok last year. After copying the famous weigh-in of professional MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, he adopted the moniker “Mini Khabib.” Together, the two now frequently produce stuff. 

Despite having a crippling illness that causes him to be abnormally short, Hasbulla exudes charm and confidence, which has contributed to his notoriety. His devotion to Islam and frequent expressions of that affection have helped him build a sizable Muslim following.

In Scottish popular culture, Hasbulla frequently appears in accounts that post memes. After asking parents for pictures of their children having fun in the snow, a Scottish newspaper in 2022 received a photo of the Russian celebrity as a joke. “Our local paper requested photographs of kids enjoying last week’s snow and someone sent in a pic of Hasbulla I’m dead,” a user who saw the image tweeted.

What is the genetic condition of Hasbulla?

A doctor reportedly said in a video released on TikTok that the Russian man known as “little Khabib” suffers from a rare genetic ailment called Growth Hormone Deficiency, which is characterized by insufficient growth hormone production by the pituitary gland in the brain. 

If discovered and improperly treated in childhood, growth hormone deficiency may become irreversible, according to Dr. Karan Raj. On the other hand, treatment throughout childhood ensures that the patient develops normally during puberty. Lionel Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency when he was 10 years old, but his family was unable to pay for therapy. He was offered treatment by Barcelona Football Club, and his family relocated from Argentina to Spain, where he ruled the Spanish and European football scenes for many years.

The viral videos of Mini Khabib

According to estimates, Hasbulla Magomedov is 93 cm to one meter tall. That equates to approximately three to three and a half feet and three inches. If you Google “Hasbulla videos,” you’ll find clips of him playing with a monkey, partying in the Burj Khalifa, punching MMA fighters twice his size before running for his life, resting comfortably on Khabib’s shoulders, and kicking his arch-enemy Abdu Rozik in the shins. 

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There were shouts for a “Hasbulla vs. Abdu Rozik ” battle when Hasbulla and Rozik fought on the sidelines of a significant UFC fight in Las Vegas, shin-kicking one another during an interview. In May 2021, Hasbulla challenged the musician Abdu Rozik, who was born in Tajikistan, to a mixed martial arts match. 

Both are thought to share inherited conditions. The Russian Dwarf Athletic Association (RDAA) decided it was immoral, so the match was called off. Security then separated the two after an altercation in November in Abu Dhabi. Hasbulla and Rozik are reportedly willing to fight for $1.5 million thanks to UFC boss Dana White.

Hasbulla Magomedov (‘Mini Khabib’) meets Khabib Nurmagomedov

Hasbulla Magomedov ('Mini Khabib') meets Khabib Nurmagomedov

Many people believe Hasbulla Magomedov to be Khabib Nurmagomedov’s offspring. Many fans believe the UFC fighter and “Mini Khabib” have a similar appearance. They aren’t really related to one another. They appear to be good friends based on the fact that Khabib posted a video of Hasbulla Magomedov on his Instagram page. A video of “Mini Khabib” and Nurmagomedov enjoying supper together has become very popular in recent months. They may both be seen posing for photos with some of their followers.

What is Hasbulla’s age and height? 

Hasbulla, who appears to be a chubby teenager, is actually 18 years old (or 19-years-old, depending on which version you believe on social media). Although Hasbulla is just approximately 3 feet 3 inches tall and so appears to be a tiny boy, he is actually the newest social media sensation.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Hasbulla

Some Lesser Known Facts About Hasbulla
  • Hasbulla is a well-known figure on Russian social media who is known for his mocking and joking MMA films. 
  • Although his medical condition is unknown, media reports claim that he appears to be a case of dwarfism. 
  • He has desired to fight in MMA since he was a little child, but his health prevented him from doing so professionally. 
  • Then, he began posting hoax and mock MMA videos to his TikTok account. His movies quickly became popular online, and he soon began to enjoy tremendous success.
  • With his parody film on the Russian mixed martial artist Khabib Nurmagomedov, Hasbulla gained notoriety. He had the chance to meet Khabib when the video quickly became popular online. In an interview, Khabib Nurmagomedov discussed Hasbulla and said, “He needs to travel to the US because he is well-known among all the major sports figures there. He needs to spend a few years in the US where he might become wealthy. He can at least amass a million dollars. To get him into the ring, they want to offer him a sizable sum of money. He enjoys enormous acclaim worldwide”.
  • Hasbulla issued an MMA challenge to singer Abdu Rozik, who was born in Tajikistan and has the same illness, in May 2021. The battle received a lot of attention after it was announced, but the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association (RDAA) disapproved of the contest because it was deemed unethical. In an interview, Hasbulla discussed the game and remarked, Abdu Rozik He’s a loser. A vocalist. This fight doesn’t really make sense, and it would be embarrassing for me to fight a singer. 
  • Hasbulla enjoys cats and keeps one as a pet. 
  • He has received training to operate a helicopter and ATV.
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Hasbulla says he has ‘officially signed a deal to fight in the UFC’

Hasbulla says he has 'officially signed a deal to fight in the UFC'

Hasbulla Magomedov, a 19-year-old Dagestani fighter who has become an Internet phenomenon in the mixed martial arts world, stated on Instagram that he has “signed a deal to compete in the UFC.” Hasbulla, who is referred to as “Mini Khabib” in the MMA community in honor of former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, has a genetic condition, is estimated to be 3-foot-4 in height, and weighs around 40 pounds. 

Let’s just say that there isn’t currently a 40-pound weight division in the UFC. It’s likely that Hasbulla and the UFC have worked out a deal for him to “fight” in a bout that isn’t an official MMA match, such as a grappling exhibition or something. But if taken at its value, many people will undoubtedly have rational concerns about his claim of having “a deal to fight in the UFC.” However, if you’re hoping for information, you’ll have to wait a bit longer, according to his post. We’ll all learn before the end of the year, he remarked.

Rivalry with Abdu Rozik 

Rivalry with Abdu Rozik 

Hasbulla quickly attracted a lot of social media attention as a result of his challenge to Abdu Rozik. Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik both have dwarfism, thus they both instantly want to be seen as the “toughest” little people around. The Sports Association of Little People of Russia, however, declared the battle to be “unethical,” hence it was never held. 

Nevertheless, Hasbulla’s popularity on social media didn’t fade, and even well-known podcaster Joe Rogan included him in a podcast episode, calling him “Mini Khabib. Whoever is managing him is doing an absolutely fantastic job. He’s like 18, so that’s why. He is always present.

Rivalry with Conor McGregor

Rivalry with Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, an Irish MMA fighter, has even been challenged by Hasbulla to a battle, saying, “I want to punish this one [Conor McGregor].” He speaks way too much. In September 2022, McGregor responded to Hasbulla’s criticism by saying, “I’d love to boot that little g*** Hasbulla over a goal post.” 

What is the cost to put him on the volley? Little smelly inbred.” Hasbulla has now joined the chorus of those criticizing Conor for his remarks, totally kindling their ferocious rivalry. Hasbulla tweeted in response to Conor’s remarks, “I don’t follow bums… didn’t realize someone was talking back. Next time, Conor McGregor, f—- me.

What is Hasbulla’s net worth?

Despite the fact that his net worth is not known to the general public, Hasbulla is thought to be worth $100,000 as a result of his recent rise to fame on social media. Hasbulla claims in his first-ever interview with Barstool Sports that he still hopes his fight with Abdu Rozik will take place someday, even though it hasn’t yet. His net worth is likely to rise if that fight does take place. 

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It would be a great payoff if Hasbulla could face Conor McGregor in a fight. Hasbulla’s criticism of Conor McGregor for “talking too much” is unlikely to have been taken lightly by the Irishman, and UFC president Dana White is undoubtedly aware of the potential backlash such a matchup would cause.

Hasbulla Interview

Hasbulla Interview

Hasbulla recently participated in the Sundae Conversation portion of Barstool Sports with host Caleb Pressley. Hasbulla is conducting his first-ever one-on-one interview. 

Hasbulla provided some significant insights throughout the interview, including: 

  • A love of vehicles; “I enjoy tuning them. I prefer to drift. The noise they produce is nice. 
  • Due to his fame and lack of a voice filter, he wanted to stay safe on the streets. He said: “When I carry the blade, people keep their mouths shut. My brothers are here now, which is better than a knife. 
  • That he does have flaws because “I’m quick to clap back when people attempt to bash me, and then it’s beef.”
  • His political aspirations include becoming Dagestan’s Minister of Internal Affairs. I’ll find my detractors first and cause them to flee. The speed limit will be reduced in the city while being raised on the highway. The speed cameras are all being removed. 

Hasbulla once more showed his hysteria throughout the interview by saying that the host Caleb Pressley’s “brain isn’t fully matured” since he enjoys watching cartoons.

Hasbulla’s Cars

Hasbulla’s Cars

Hasbulla has impeccable taste in automobiles, as his Instagram followers will attest. Photos of him surrounding and displaying brand-new BMWs and AMGs are all over his social media channels. Despite his diminutive stature, he has been seen driving 4WDs on the beachfront, riding a quad bike wildly through his neighborhood, and steering cars while perched on the driver’s knee. 

There are numerous movies of the daredevil carrying weapons and mockingly flashing knives at his colleagues in addition to the ones with automobiles. He was observed using an AK-104. He tries to lift the weapon himself with the assistance of a police officer but fails. However, he uses a cop to help him fire a number of shots from the weapon as if he were an experienced soldier.

Hasbulla in Bigg Boss 16

Hasbulla in Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16 fan favorite Abdu Rozik doesn’t seem to have any competition right now because every contestant has been fawning over him. Abdu’s easy life might become a little more challenging, though, as his opponent Hasbulla Magomedov might enter the contest as a wild card entry. It is tough to believe that the charming 19-year-old musician could have a competition given his wonderful demeanor. 

Hasbulla Magomedov, Abdu’s rival, is a Dagestani national and also suffers from the same condition. He is well-known for his TikTok videos, and he has a long history of hatred towards Abdu. The Sports Association of Little People of Russia barred Hasbullah from challenging Abdu to a battle because it was unethical.

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