HashiCorp: Terraform project stops community pull requests due to staff shortage

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At the cloud infrastructure provider HashiCorp, there currently seems to be a shortage of employees in some areas: The core team of the Terraform project announced on GitHub at the end of August that it was temporarily stopping the viewing and merging of pull requests (PR) from the community . In the project’s repository, the document CONTRIBUTING.md lists low staffing as the reason. In a later added note on GitHub, the team explains that other PR reviews are ongoing and that Terraform providers are not affected.

Apparently the break caused confusion in the community, so that the management takes a position in the company blog and apologizes for the awkward communication. According to a blog entry by CTO and company co-founder Armon Dadgar, the restriction is temporary and only affects the Terraform project, an open source tool for data center infrastructure. The responsible team cannot process changes to the Terraform core promptly at the moment. According to the CTO, the wider ecosystem is not affected.

Currently at HashiCorp, according to the company’s website Around 100 jobs are advertised in the technical area of ​​cloud engineering and IT alone, There are more “hundreds” of tenders in the area of ​​marketing and sales. The company is primarily looking for specialist staff in the USA, Canada and Australia; apparently only one position is open for Germany despite the remote format in cloud engineering.

If you believe the blog entry, The current bottlenecks are mainly growing pains (increasing scale challenges) and it is about a massive increase in staff to meet the increased requirements and demand. Given the scope of the recruitment campaign, however, it seems questionable whether “back to normal” can be achieved within a few weeks.

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Dadgar promises developers and users that the usual processes will run smoothly again in a few weeks. The team will resume work as soon as the vacancies are filled. According to the blog entry, HashiCorp is busy recruiting new staff. The CTO leaves open how the shortage of staff came about.

Terraform version 1.0 was released in June 2021 after seven years of development work. According to the company, the software has already been downloaded over 100 million times and has around 1200 commercial customers. There are also over 1000 Terraform providers. Details on the current processes can be found see the blog entry on Terraform and the community contributions and are also found on GitHub in the Terraform commit area.


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