Have you won an iPhone 13 online? No they want to rip you off

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In these days before Christmas and the Three Wise Men, many websites, shops and businesses take the opportunity to hold raffles, to give things away, being the most ideal time of the year. But they also give hackers an opportunity to take advantage and make their own, and sneak in false prizes that, because of the time of year that it is, may strain more than if they do them at another time of year. Like the fake iPhone 13 award.

No, you did not get an iPhone 13

As the OSI warns us, there is a survey running through the networks that uses as a hook the possibility of participating in a raffle in which you can win an iPhone 13, only answering a series of questions. The data shown in the header of the email is the following:

  • Sender: IPH0NE 13
  • Subject: Your chance to receive a FREE IPH0NE 13

The email “It could be credible, since it uses elaborate language, although the text contains grammatical and spelling errors”. The body of the email informs the recipient that they have been selected to participate in a raffle that consists of answering a series of questions, inviting them to access the survey through the link in the message. Also included is an image of an iPhone 13 to enhance deception, a disclaimer with legal information, and the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

When the fraudulent website is accessed, “the logo of a telecommunications company is displayed along with the image of an iPhone mobile, in addition to the legend ‘Answer and win!’ “. If you click on the ‘Take survey’ button, you will be asked to answer a series of simple questions, and once the survey is finished, you will see a message telling you that you have won a participation to compete in the raffle. And for this, you must select a box from the 7 that they show you.

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Above you have to pay shipping costs

After choosing any of them, you are told that you have failed. But, oh surprise, you have another chance. And this time you will have an iPhone. The scam itself comes right now, since to send it to you they will ask for your personal information and those of your bank card, if you want to receive the prize. Why do they need your card? Because the iPhone 13 is free, but the shipping costs are not and must pay € 5.99 so that it reaches you.

At this point, if you are not able to realize that a draw in which you win you never pay anything, not even the sending of the prize, we are going wrong. Cybercriminals already have what they wanted, they can empty your checking account or use your card, and you are left without an iPhone.


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