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“Hawk Tuah” Garners Millions of Searches on PornHub
YouTube/Tim & Dee TV

Hailey Welch, known as the “Hawk Tuah” girl, has become a significant sensation in the adult entertainment world. Although she hasn’t personally ventured into the industry, millions of eager individuals are now scouring the internet for videos featuring the move she famously described.

A representative from PornHub mentioned to TMZ that the site has witnessed a few million searches for the term “Hawk Tuah,” and the search numbers are escalating at an unprecedented rate.

The projections suggest that the total number of “Hawk Tuah” searches will hit 4.7 million by the end of Tuesday, a testament to how much Hailey’s catchphrase has captured public attention.

As Hailey’s popularity surges, with her promoting merchandise and appearing on various podcasts, people continue to flock to PornHub, anticipating seeing adult stars recreating her move.

The site’s representative indicated that Tuesday would be the biggest day yet for “Hawk Tuah” related searches, predicting over 850,000 searches.

It’s quite a peak, giving the day an entirely new meaning. Surprisingly, the term “Hawk Tuah” was non-existent on PornHub prior to Hailey coining it just a few weeks ago!

There are now over a dozen variations of “Hawk Tuah” searches being entered into the site’s search bar, with one particular variation involving the move being performed on men of color outpacing the others significantly.

It’s important to mention that Hailey hasn’t uploaded any content to PornHub. The representative explained that they would be aware if she did because all performers must provide proof of consent and verified IDs.

Nevertheless, more and more uploaders are incorporating “Hawk Tuah” in their video titles to capitalize on the craze.

Of course, PornHub stated they would be honored to help Hailey enter the industry if she ever decides to upload her own content and monetize it.

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However, Hailey has made it clear she doesn’t want to be solely identified as the “Hawk Tuah” girl. She’s now got a management team helping her to diversify and move beyond that image.

Nonetheless, it’s evident that Hailey will maintain a notable presence in the adult entertainment world, even if only indirectly, since the search term is likely here to stay.

Source: TMZ