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Hawk Tuah Girl Denies Firing, Offered $600 to Spit in a Jar

She’s finally speaking out. Over the past few weeks, no one has taken the internet by storm quite like the “Hawk Tuah” girl. She might even be the biggest meme sensation of the year, thanks to her Nashville street interview where she advised on how to please a man in bed:
“You gotta give him that hawk tuah, spit on that thang.”

As her interview went viral, an internet manhunt ensued to identify Miss Hawk, who seemed to disappear amid her newfound fame. However, it was only a matter of time before she was found. The young lady has been identified as Hailey Welch. Since then, she has started selling autographed “Hawk Tuah” merchandise and is reportedly attracting attention from top Hollywood talent agencies.

Naturally, the absence of any statements from her led to a swell of rumors. Some stories suggested she was a preschool teacher who lost her job following the viral interview. Others floated the idea that her father was a preacher who was unhappy with his daughter’s internet fame stemming from a sex joke, allegedly prompting her to stay hidden.

But now, Hailey has come forward to set the record straight. She gave her first post-viral interview to Brianna Chickenfry of Barstool Sports on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast. Brianna, who is also the girlfriend of musician Zach Bryan, had Hailey on before Bryan’s Nashville show, where Hailey appeared on stage for his song “Revival”.

During the interview, Hailey dispelled the rumors about her job and family. She clarified that she was not fired for being the “Hawk Tuah” girl:
“I work in a spring factory. I’m not a school teacher.”

She also mentioned that her parents have been supportive of her viral fame:
“My father is so far from a preacher, it’s crazy. He’s a little offended… They think it’s so funny. They know how I am though, cause you can never tell what comes out of my mouth. It’s a hit or miss what comes out of my mouth, I just talk out of my ass.”

Of course, with fame come some downsides. Hailey revealed that there have been quite a few creepy individuals online trying to track her down and sending her bizarre offers:
“The guy that does my hats, he got offered $600 three days ago for me to spit in a jar and sell it.”

Despite the odd requests, Hailey is making moves to capitalize on her viral fame. She has signed with a management team and seems keen on seizing the moment.

It’s an interesting journey from a viral street interview to internet fame, merchandise, and possibly even Hollywood. Hailey Welch is certainly making her moment in the spotlight count.

Get that money while you can.

Watch the interview.

Source: Barstool Sports