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‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Hailey Welch Gets Emotional at First Paid Appearance

“Hawk Tuah” is enriching Haliey Welch’s life—both literally and figuratively. She’s visibly emotional about her newfound fame and financial rewards.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Haliey can be seen receiving an extravagant bottle parade on Sunday while hosting at the Daer Dayclub at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL. Haliey hit 1 million Instagram followers over the weekend, and the celebration of that milestone seemed to bring tears to her eyes.

Haliey was joined at the event by her friend Chelsea Bradford, her sidekick in the original “Hawk Tuah” video. Her mood became lighter when a Daer bottle service girl raised a champagne toast to her.

Sources say Haliey was invited to judge the Miss Daer bikini contest but ended up stealing the spotlight herself during the appearance.

Haliey is still getting accustomed to her fame, though the fee she received for her first celebrity appearance would bring anyone to happy tears. Sources report she got around $30,000 for the gig.

It looks like her earnings might skyrocket from here. TMZ recently reported she is considering leaving Nashville and moving west as she’s close to landing a reality TV deal.

So, it seems “Hawk Tuah” might just make it to Hollywood, thanks to Haliey’s straightforward advice on oral pleasure.

Source: TMZ