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'Hawk Tuah' Girl Hailey Welch Pursues Comedy, Files Trademarks

‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl Hailey Welch Pursues Comedy, Files Trademarks
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Hailey Welch, popularly known as the viral “Hawk Tuah” Girl, is making big moves. She aims to trademark her catchphrase and venture into the comedy scene as well.

According to documents retrieved by TMZ, Welch is filing for trademarks in two main categories. One pertains to apparel, such as hats and shirts, while the other covers entertainment services, focusing on comedy podcasts and live comedy shows.

Welch has initiated this trademark process under her new company, 16 Minutes, LLC. This name plays cleverly on her intention to extend her viral fame beyond the typical “15 minutes” into something more enduring.

Just recently, Hailey’s management team, Penthouse, announced their representation of the viral sensation, squashing earlier, incorrect reports that suggested UTA would represent her.

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Sources close to Welch reveal her new team is wasting no time shutting down vendors who are trying to profit from her well-known phrase. Her team has sent out multiple cease and desist letters to these merchants.

Insiders believe that many businesses have unfairly benefited from her creativity, pointing out the plethora of trademarks filed by different companies after her phrase went viral.
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Our sources indicate that Welch plans to launch her line of merchandise soon. Fans can look forward to seeing “Hawk Tuah” branded items straight from Hailey herself.

For those excited to catch her in a more humorous setting, it seems Hailey might be hitting the comedy stage near you soon!

Source: TMZ