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Hawk Tuah Girl Hailey Welch Turned Down Playboy's Offer

Hawk Tuah Girl Hailey Welch Turned Down Playboy’s Offer

One of the most significant viral sensations of 2024 has undoubtedly been the “Hawk Tuah” girl. She became an internet celebrity following a man-on-the-street interview in Nashville where she shared her unconventional advice on how to please a man: “You gotta give him that hawk tuah, spit on that thang.” Since its release, the interview has amassed millions of views across social media platforms, generating a plethora of memes, jokes, and even AI-generated songs.

Initially, she maintained a low profile, but her identity was eventually revealed. The viral star is 21-year-old Haliey Welch from Belfast, Tennessee. Seizing the moment, Welch has signed with a manager and PR team, made appearances with Zach Bryan on stage in Nashville, and partied with Shaq at Bon Jovi’s new bar. She has even left her job at a local spring factory, debunking the myth that she was fired from a teaching position.

Despite the myriad of opportunities coming her way, Welch has declined an offer from Playboy. After her video blew up, the adult magazine approached both her and her friend, who was also in the original video. Welch said this wasn’t something she was interested in: “They reached out to my friend Chelsea wanting to include us in some of their stuff and we turned it down.”

Welch has also stated that she has no intentions of joining the adult website OnlyFans: “I’m not comfortable doing that, ever. So no.” Her stance sets her apart from others who have monetized their viral fame through adult modeling. For instance, the “Romper Stomper” from last year’s viral porta-potty fight at a Morgan Wallen concert in Pittsburgh accepted Playboy’s offer and joined their website to sell adult content.

It appears that Welch is keen on charting her own path, steering clear of offers that conflict with her personal values, despite the provocative nature of the interview that catapulted her into the limelight.

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