Hawkeye: Who is Echo and why is he important to the MCU?

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The Serie Hawkeye, which will arrive on the streaming platform Disney+ At the end of the year, he presented his first trailer a few days ago where we could see for the first time a character that can have many connotations within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who are we talking about? Is about Maya lopez, an intriguing woman who assumes the identities of Echo and Ronin in graphic novels.

Maya She is an Olympic-level killer and athlete who has the characteristic of being able to imitate any movement or action no matter who executes it. The same ability as a villain we saw recently in the MCU: Taskmaster on Black Widow. The photographic reflections of Maya allow you to copy any skill you observe and that is why your alter ego is Echo.

Echo has important connotations for the MCU

In graphic novels she is a skilled pianist, dancer, acrobat, and martial artist. Other Characteristics of the Character: She is Native American and deaf. In the series Hawkeye, is played by the actress Alaqua Cox. It is still a mystery how much we will see of the abilities that the character shows in the comics in Disney+.

The first appearance of Echo It was in the 1999 Daredevil # 9 comic where Kingpin hires her to end him Fearless man. During a confrontation, she manages to defeat the hero of Hell’s Kitchen, but when she discovers that it is Matt Murdock spares his life. Reality? She was in love with the blind lawyer before she knew his identity. Some time later she dedicated herself to doing the same as a heroine and even joined The New Avengers.

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The strong connections of Echo with Kingpin and Daredevil suggest that these two characters could appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are already rumors that locate Matt Murdock on Spider-Man: No Way Home. And the Kingpin from Vincent D’Onofrio sounds loud for Hawkeye. At MCU would receive these characters direct from the shows of Marvel on Netflix. Attentive!

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