Hayden Panettiere’s daughter has left Ukraine as her father continues to fight

Hayden Panettiere, the former star of the series ‘Nashville’, is preparing to resume her professional career after overcoming the addiction to opiates and alcohol that she began to develop when she was still a teenager. In between, she had a daughter with her former husband Wladimir Klitschko, divorced, starred in hit series and had a turbulent relationship that ended with her partner’s arrest for domestic violence.

In 2018, after feeling that she had hit rock bottom, the interpreter made the decision to allow her daughter Kaya to go live with her father in Ukraine because she knew it was in her best interest. Since then the girl had lived halfway between the country of the former boxer and Germany, although her mother came to visit her very often.

Hayden has confirmed in his new interview that the girl left Ukrainian territory in the face of the Russian invasion and that she is now in another place that she prefers not to specify – although she has implied that it is not the United States – while her ex continues to fight in the defense of the capital.

“Both he and his brother Vitali [the mayor of Kyiv] are still fighting for their country on the ground. Every time I hear her voice or receive a message from her I feel a great relief,” she told People. Since the conflict erupted, the actress has collaborated with her ex to raise money through her charity Hoplon International and send it to the areas most affected by the war.

As for her daughter, Hayden acknowledges that it is very hard for Kaya to understand what is happening in Ukraine, although she tries to explain it as best as possible and consoles herself by thinking that the girl has “a beautiful life” even though she cannot be by her parents’ side right now.

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“I just saw her,” he said. “She’s an amazing girl. She’s smart and funny and, for some mysterious reason, she still loves me.”

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