Hayley Atwell weighs in on the Marvel vs. Mission Impossible debate

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Hayley Atwell says there’s no comparison between Marvel and Mission Impossible

You don’t always get the chance to act in two of the biggest movie franchises of our time. Hayley Atwell can boast of this, because in addition to giving life to agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), she now joins the successful Mission Impossible action saga, in Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – ​​Part One (93%), along with Tom Cruise. However, she says that there is no comparison between the two.

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In Mission: Impossible: Deadly Judgment – ​​Part One, directed by Christopher McQuarrie, the actress plays Grace, a character that will be important in this film and its sequel. At Marvel, Atwell first appeared as Peggy in the first Captain America installment, and was later seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (89%). She starred in the apparently canonical series, Agent Carter (80%), and in Avengers: Endgame (95%) she also had a brief participation. She finally appeared as an out-of-universe version of Peggy Carter (Captain Carter) in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (88%), and we may see her again in a future installment.

Without detracting from either franchise, Atwell assures that there is no comparison between the two, since they are very different, although she finds points in common in the way of approaching the characters she plays, because according to her, the key was not trying to fit into a genre. These were her words for Variety:

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Las dos franquicias they are so distinctively themselves: a different set of filmmakers, different tastes, different characters, different worlds. They just turn out to be things that have become global phenomena. What I tried to do with Peggy, and I think that’s why I got her in ‘Mission,’ is that I didn’t play her like she’s in a superhero movie. And with Grace, I don’t play her like she’s in an action movie. Peggy taught me that I can clearly base myself on a realistic character that will stand out, instead of letting myself be consumed by the machine of something. Continue reading the story

Atwell graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2005 and immediately began working on high-profile theater and television productions in the UK. In addition to her Marvel role, she starred in the series The Pillars of the Earth in 2010. On stage, Atwell has shown impressive versatility, acting in such plays as “A View from the Bridge” and “The Faith Machine.” He has also had roles in period films such as Brideshead Revisited (2007) and The Duchess (61%).

Mission Impossible is a series of spy and action films based on the 1960s television series of the same name. Tom Cruise plays the IMF (Impossible Mission Force) agent Ethan Hunt, and each film introduces a new “mission impossible” for him and his team. The movies are famous for their elaborate action scenes, intricate plots, and stunt sequences, many of which are performed by Cruise himself. Throughout more than two decades, the franchise has managed to stay fresh and exciting for audiences, continually reinventing itself.

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On the other hand, the MCU, launched by Marvel Studios in 2008, is a superhero franchise based on Marvel comics. Through a series of interconnected films and television shows, the MCU has built a cohesive and expansive universe that spans from Earth to the depths of cosmic space. The franchise has featured a variety of characters, from Iron Man to the Guardians of the Galaxy, and has brought serial storytelling to the movies. Through clearly defined phases, the MCU has developed plot arcs that span several films, culminating in cinematic events that unite all its characters.

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