Hazelcast goes live with its combined IMDG and streaming platform

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Hazelcast announces the General Availability (GA) of its Platform 5. The provider brings together all the functions of its In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) and the stream processing framework Jet. This gives users the opportunity to process both data streams and classic OLTP tasks in order to bridge the gap between databases and data lakes on the one hand and streaming data on the other.

The new platform, announced in July as a public beta, is expected to offer higher performance, scalability and reliability thanks to its simplified architecture. For this purpose Hazelcast Platform 5 builds on the tried and tested IMDG and Jet components, which in addition to connectors for connecting databases such as MongoDB, Redis or Snowflake, also provide comprehensive SQL functions for data processing and analysis. Hazelcast had equipped Jet 4.4 with a new SQL interface at the beginning of the year and updated the SQL query engine in version 4.2 of the IMDG. With the announcement of Hazelcast Platform 5, other new SQL functions were added, such as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE with IMap.

Hazelcast provides the platform, which is now fully available, in two versions: as paid edition Hazelcast Cloud Enterprise and in the Open-Source-Version. There is also an initially free entry-level version with a limited range of functions: Hazelcast Cloud Starter.

Those interested can find a detailed overview of all functions on the provider’s website as in the official announcement of the general availability of Hazelcast Platform 5.


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