HBO MAX to Premiere in 2023 with All Your Favorite Series and Movies!

By: Ann Burdett

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Get ready for an exciting month with HBO MAX in April 2023

April is just around the corner, and so is Easter. Many people have already made plans for the holiday weekend, but TV and movie buffs eagerly await the new content that HBO MAX has in store for them.

The Buzz on HBO MAX for April 2023

HBO MAX subscribers are always excited for the arrival of new content on the streaming platform. This year, one of the most anticipated productions is the adventure series called Snow–which follows the escapades of the beloved character Jon Snow.

Some other standout offerings coming out this April are:

Dave: Season 3

The third season of Dave will be airing in April. The show features comedian and rapper Dave Burd, who takes viewers on his quest to become famous while touring. The show is known for its edgy humor and celebrity cameos, and it’s sure to make you laugh.

Bring Back Alice

In Bring Back Alice, viewers will follow the story of a popular influencer named Alice, who disappeared without a trace. A year later, she is found with no memory of what happened. As she recalls bits of her past, she becomes instrumental in finding another girl who disappeared at the same time. 

Headless Chickens

Produced in Spain, Headless Chickens will take viewers behind the scenes of the often-murky world of soccer agents. Former professional soccer player ‘Beto’ Martín Ruíz decides to become a manager, but his personal and work life quickly become intertwined in unexpected ways.

Mark your calendars for these series and movie premieres coming out on April 7, 14, 17, 27 and 28, and enjoy exciting entertainment all month long with HBO MAX.

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