HBO’s The Last of Us will cost more than $10 million per episode

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The budget for HBO’s The Last of Us is said to be more than eight figures per episode, making the project the largest filmed in Canada.

Damian Petti, head of IATSE 212, with net figures CTV News did not share with However, he predicted that each episode would exceed this figure. Eight figures mean $10 million, but he says the budget is even more than that.

“I can’t confirm the official budget figures, but I can say that this is the biggest project shot in Canada.” He added: “This project exceeds the budget of eight figures per department, so it has multiple impacts in terms of its impact on our economy. Many businesses will benefit from this project.”

“The Last of Us, which begins filming this week, is a truly magnificent production,” Petti said. He confirmed that filming for the series will begin this month in the Alberta region: “There are 5 art directors and an army of technicians. In Alberta, there was 6 months of filming preparation, 12 months of filming.”

Last of Us showrunner Craig Mazin announced that the HBO series will have 10 episodes in its first season. This shows that Season 1 will cost at least $100 million. However, considering that each department’s budget will be higher, the cost may be much higher.

Let’s give the following information for comparison. The first season of Game of Thrones cost $6 million per episode. But after Cost per episode increased to $15 million in the final season. in a similar way The Mandalorian is also known to reach $15 million per episode..

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The reason why the production costs of the series are so high is that they are packaged together with Hollywood blockbusters. Especially on digital platforms, there is this feeling; “Dramas shouldn’t stand next to movies like B-projects.” This understanding also affects the cost of projects.

In addition to the Last of Us lineup, Sony has released a Uncharted filmi also working on it. Tom Holland will star as Nathan Drake in the movie. of the movie February 18, 2022It is expected to debut in .

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