“He ate the referee!”: A whirlwind of dust interrupts a soccer match in Bolivia (VIDEO)

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In a Bolivian town where the final of the amateur soccer league in the municipality of Achocalla was being played, a whirlwind of dust surprised the players when they were getting ready to start the game.

A video of the subsequent scene went viral thanks to the announcer’s continuous narration as the whirlpool passed over the playing field. “Oops, there is a whirlpool on the field of play, for you to experience it live and direct. He’s going to eat the referee, he just ate it! Fly something, fly one more thing, I hope it does not get here, I hope to hold everything we have in our place. First time a whirlpool has come live and direct. This was not a tornado, “he said.

The meteorological phenomenon, known locally as “dust devil”, consists of a short-lived column of air that forms with a clear sky, in places with little vegetation and high temperatures. The whirlpool did not cause damage to people or materials, it only delayed the start of the game for a few minutes.

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