He forgot about Jacob Elordi: this is Joey King’s new boyfriend

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The chemistry they transmitted Joey King and Jacob Elordi as Elle Evans and Noah Flynn in The Kisses Stand it was undeniable. From the first moment the actors hit it off perfectly to the point that their relationship surpassed fiction and, for a whole year, they were one of the most adorable couples of the moment since the film they starred in was in its full splendor, just like than their careers.

Jacob Elordi and Joey King were Elle and Noah. Photo: (IMDB)

However, as everything begins, everything ends and Joey King and Elordi decided to take totally different paths. For his part, a few months after their separation he was seen very affectionate with Zendaya, but currently maintains a relationship with Kaia Gerber, while she rebuilt her life with a young man named Steven Piet.

Regarding their relationship, King decided to maintain a secrecy very different from the one he had when he was in a relationship with Elordi. That is why, it was much easier to avoid the paparazzi although, of course, the fact that Piet is not a public personality was a plus point to be able to continue with the low profile until the quarantine arrived.

The first postcard that Joey King shared with Steven Piet.

The first postcard that Joey King shared with Steven Piet.

It is that, it was during the preventive confinement when Joey decided to publish the first photo with Piet. Although the first time they were shown in public was on the red carpet at the 2019 Emmy Awards, where she was nominated for Best Actress for her leading role in The Act, the interpreter never spoke of their relationship before the cameras.

Who is Steven Piet?

Originally from Chicago, Steven is neither an actor nor a public figure, but he does work in the industry as a film producer and director. Moreover, this profession was the one that led him to have his current relationship since he was the director of two chapters of The Act, the true story starring Joey with Patricia Arquette.

Joey King continued to share photos with Steven.

Joey King continued to share photos with Steven.

However, before his arrival in this psychological drama, Piet also directed and wrote Uncle John, was a producer of Nightflyers and was director of photography, digital imaging technician, and editor on other projects. This versatility in his work is due to the fact that he studied film at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, to later move to Los Angeles and succeed in the industry.

Currently his relationship with Joey King It brought him into the spotlight of the public eye, but still, he manages to keep his profile low. Of course, she is already part of the King family to the point that she has photographs with the entire clan and has even dated her sisters.


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