He insists that his “invisible car” is real, but it seems that they already discovered his trick

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Today, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, most people have found in TikTok his new hobby. Whether it’s from viral pet videos, funny situations, or hidden talents, TikTok is the new social network to entertain yourself and, if you are lucky, become famous.

This is the case of the user , a character who has accumulated more than 5 million likes throughout his career in the social network and with more than 170 thousand followers. And it is that he claims that he has a peculiar object: an invisible car.

As it shows? With several videos from his channel, if not all, where he asks his followers to challenge him to do different things until someone discovers what the real trick of his “invisible car”.

According , his first video of this type was uploaded on his platform last June 16, and from that moment began the challenge for his fans to discover how he actually performs the trick.

Although he has constantly insisted that he has a invisible small vehicle, some netizens have analyzed his videos and believe they have found the solution to his magic: the video is always in reverse.

Perhaps some would like to keep the illusion of this trick tiktoker, so we recommend that you stop reading if you are one of those who do not like to have the tricks revealed to a magician.

As mentioned above, the channel YouTube Girl With A Cellphone published the definitive solution of this trick in one of his videos, explaining the biggest of the problems that users of TikTok.

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In one of his videos, LightSkinYogi He empties water from one jug to another, proving that it is impossible for the footage to be in reverse unless he has control of gravity or liquids.

From what the youtuber, In this specific case, a cut is made when you stop to sit down to do the trick, with two different videos one in reverse and one at normal speed.

Outside of that specific case, the other videos can be explained with a simple reverse, where LightSkinYogi it is propelled from off-camera and then performs all other movements in reverse.

Another user called , which is dedicated to denying videos in Internet, also published this fact, but pointing out two important parts in the videos of Yogi. It turns out that in some highlights, your fan is moving in a direction it shouldn’t, while in another video a moving plant stops dead in its tracks.

Even if Yogi showed that his fan has a system to rotate in both directions, he did not deny the next part of the plant that stops without explanation when it should keep moving. ¿Mystery solved? Some say yes, but others prefer to keep this as a grand illusion.

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