He is like this: the secret of the Netflix movie and differences with its original version

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For a week that among the contents most seen from Netflix worldwide, a film has its place assured. Is about He’s All That, translated for Latin America as He is like that, which since it debuted in the streaming giant has caused people to talk. Is that this feature film works, actually, as a remake of She’s All That, the romantic comedy of 1999.

But … why is everyone talking about this production that previously no one was betting on? There are three keys that help to understand it: initially the original tape on which the story was based. Second, how did they manage to make a successful adaptation thanks to its cast and its very contemporary elements. And finally: how to combine those two factors. That is why here, we detail each of the points that they made of He’s All That a rage.

+ For these 3 reasons He’s All That works so well on Netflix

3. Its original version

In 1999, it was released She’s All That directed by Robert Iscove. And although many do not know it, this is also a remake. His inspiration was Pygmalion by George Bernard, just like the musical My Fair Lady. In the film, a sportsman is introduced who helps the least popular girl in school to become the queen of the prom. It was starred by Rachael Leigh Cook, Freddie Prinze Jr y Paul Walker And it was undoubtedly one of the highest-grossing teen productions of the late 1990s.

2. The ideal adaptation

This time, the genders are opposed. And, although many times this resource was used by several films, the production of He’s All That he knew how to do it in an entertaining and modern way. Here, an influencer takes on the challenge of transforming the weird guy to look good at the party. Directed by Mark Waters, this production has as protagonists Addison Rae, Tanner Buchanan, Madison Pettis y Peyton Meyer. This is not a minor detail: its main actress is a renowned content creator on TikTok who has accumulated more than 83 million followers.

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1. A perfect match

The Netflix production knew how to perfectly combine the success of its original version with the good ideas and the popular cast of the adaptation. Therefore, in addition to the fundamental difference between the genders of the protagonists and the elements closest to reality (such as the evolution of technology), they found a cool link. And it is that a special participation gives meaning to everything: Rachel Leigh Cook reappears as Padgett’s mother and it gives a perfect closure to both stories.

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