He made it clear that he could kill me: Marilyn Manson’s ex-partner sues the singer and accuses him of rape, human trafficking and illegal imprisonment

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Model Ashley Morgan Smithline filed a lawsuit against American singer Brian Warner, known as Marilyn Manson, for the abuse he subjected her to during their relationship, according to revealed this Wednesday on the ABC program The View.

Smithline, who spoke out for the first time on several cases of alleged assaults in May, has filed a lawsuit for sexual assault, human trafficking and illegal imprisonment, among other charges. According to the model, during the nearly two years of their relationship she suffered multiple sexual, physical and psychological abuse by Manson.

In particular, Smithline claims the singer spanked her, caused burns and cuts, leaving a permanent ‘MM’ mark on her thigh. She also alleges that he kept her in her apartment, which was almost completely dark and with low temperatures, keeping her awake with cocaine, loud music and not allowing her to eat enough.

“From very early on, he made it clear that my life was definitely in danger and that he could kill me at any moment. I was afraid all the time that he would end my life,” said the model and explained that she was returning with the musician because “I was extremely manipulated. “.

In a statement released to the show, a Manson spokesman dismissed the allegations, stating that “there are so many falsehoods in his claims that we don’t know where to begin to answer them.” He also maintained that the relationship between the two lasted “less than a week in 2010,” after which Manson would not have seen the complainant.

Smithline is the fourth woman to accuse Manson of sexual assault. Previously, his former assistant, Ashley Walters; the actress Esmé Bianco; and a third person who preferred to remain anonymous. Meanwhile, the number of women who have announced that they were victims of the musician is 17, according to ABC.

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