He ordered a steak, distrusted the weight of the cut and discovered the restaurant’s trap in five minutes

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Antonio Chacon he was not carried away by the seduction of a juicy steak on his plate. After ordering a portion of sirloin at a restaurant located in United States, distrusted the weight when comparing what I saw with what the menu promised.

It was for this reason that he left the Texas Roadhouse, a chain of gastronomic places specializing in barbecue, to go to his vehicle, located in the parking lot. There took a scale that he had bought and returned to the table that he shared with his family in order to verify what was observed. He used the wrapping of the object as a base and placed the meat on it.

“My dad said ‘go find the scale we just bought.’ I grabbed it and I made sure to ask the main manager if I could do it, because I would have felt disrespectful if I hadn’t. First he laughed with the waiter. I ate there before and I know the portions, but I had never thought of weighing them ”, declared Chacón to the local media after recounting the experience on his social networks.

Chacon found that instead of 170 grams, the sirloin steak had only 100 grams. “I repeat: it was the first time it happened and I hadn’t thought of weighing it before. I know a steak can shrink, but it shouldn’t shrink that much. That pissed me off. “

The 22-year-old revealed that the staff of the place kindly remade your food and she even asked the chef to bring her to her table. “It looked much bigger and much better,” added Chacón.

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The incident occurred on July 8 and the steak that Chacón ordered was accompanied by French fries and mashed potatoes. The photo, posted on his Twitter account, generated thousands of comments, retweets and likes.

Many users remarked that what is indicated in the menu details the weight of the uncooked portion. Others defended the opposite position: the grams indicated must be those that are served on the plate. “I went with my mother, father, girlfriend, my brothers and my two stepdaughters. They all laughed. I would definitely recommend others to do the same thing I did, ”said Chacón.

One user replied: Did you really take a scale to a restaurant? “. The young man received endless unusual and disrespectful comments, such as one that questioned him if he used the scale to weigh drugs. Chacón completed: “What they served me seemed like a portion for children. And I ordered a plate for adults ”.

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