He was accused of spoiling Spider-Man No Way Home

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Almost exactly a year ago, Jamie Foxx confirmed to fans that he was going to be in a movie of Spider-Man. It was through an Instagram post that he had to delete practically immediately. In it you could see Electro in the sky, staring at three Peter Parker different that made fans completely excited about the multiverse.

“Tell Spidey that we are going to do it again. Super excited to be a part of the new installment of MarvelSaid the actor in the post that many came to capture. There he also confirmed that a different version of the villain would be seen and that it would no longer be blue but a “1000%” evil “. Back then, the multiverse only existed as an illusion for fans, who had been fooled by the appearance of Mystery on Spider-Man: Far from home.

Loki became the first series to confirm the multiverse and after it appeared so many “What if…?” like the trailer of Spider-Man: No way home taking for granted the appearances of various villains from Marvel that were seen in the movies of the Spiderman from Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. However, the only Peter Parker that was seen was that of Holland. Now, a new post would have made fans lose their minds and conclude that, indeed, more than one version of Peter Parker in the movie that opens on December 17th.

What did Jamie Foxx say?

In this opportunity, Jamie Foxx he was a little more careful and a lot more cryptic with his post, to avoid problems with both Marvel as with Sony. In any case, the followers joined the post made three days ago with the one that he had to delete in October of last year and deduced that, indeed, both will be seen Tobey Maguire like Andrew Garfield in this new movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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“Turn them on”, wrote the actor who gives life to Electro, which accompanied the phrase with emojis and a hashtag that further fuel theories. On the one hand, the idea behind the #chasingspiders which translates as chasing spiders and already allows us to think that there will be more than one Spiderman. But in addition, there are three emojis lightning, so it could be thought that each one is designed for a Peter Parker different: Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

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