He wasn’t an action hero: Keanu Reeves almost lost these roles

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Who can doubt that today Keanu Reeves Not only is he one of the most beloved actors but he also managed to become a figure in the action genre. Like before him there were others like Arnold Schwarzenegger O Sylvester Stallone, who today for a matter of age, must pass the torch, to Keanu they made a space for him in this select group. However, it took him a while to be a part and there were two iconic productions that almost turned him down.

In Toy Story 4, he voiced Duke Caboom. (Getty)

In the 90s, when Keanu Reeves was associated with more independent productions such as Bill & Ted O My Own Private Idaho, already dreamed of being an action hero. However, those films became a kind of drag for him that he had to fight through thick and thin to be given a chance. Thanks to this, productions such as Matrix and John Wick, sagas in which it is impossible to imagine another actor. But what were the feature films that almost left you behind?

Keanu Reeves surfer

In 1991, after a failed attempt with Ridley Scott as director, Point Break made it to the big screen. The person responsible for presenting it was Kathryn Bigelow, who at that time was married to James Cameron, which helped polish the script for this production. The role of the young policeman who ends up becoming friends with criminals who used presidents’ masks to steal was originally going to be to Charlie Sheen, until Scott left production.

keanu reeves patrick swayze punto limite point break

Patrick Swayze was the antagonist of the film. (IMDb)

Keanu Reeves came on the scene thanks to Bigelow, which was the one who fought to be put as the main character. “Nobody wanted Keanu, it wasn’t a star yet. Have done Bill & Ted and independent films. Nobody wanted it and Kathryn alone fought for Keanu Reeves. He owes him a lot because he made him an action star. “, he counted Peter Ilif, scriptwriter of the story. In addition, he highlighted: “I remember that I wanted to gain weight because I had never played a role in which I had to be muscular”.

Keanu Reeves: an action hero with all the letters

Three years after what was done in Limit point, a Keanu Reeves his second great role was going to come to him: that of Jack Traven on Maximum speed. Although, once again, he had to fight to be given the chance to head a project in which Sandra Bullock had already earned the place thanks to what was done in fictions such as Demolition Man. For Reeves, the tour was a bit more complex.

keanu reeves sandra bullock speed maxima velocidad

Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock confessed to being attracted to each other during filming, but without knowing it. (IMDb)

Graham Yost, screenwriter of the film Jan de Bont said that at that time they did not believe that Keanu Reeves “Was rough enough” to star Maximum speed, so the director, two producers, and he met with the actor. “I already had the cut cool of hair, he was riding a motorcycle, and he had a calm that made us think: ‘It’s cool, is a way cool of being’. He’s not going to be a male lead, he’s going to be a lead cool‘. We looked at each other and said we could do it with him “explained Yost.

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