Headline: Adjoa Andoh Emphasizes Collaborative Approach to Sex Scenes

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Adjoa Andoh’s Collaborative Approach towards Sex Scenes: Bridgerton’s Example

Adjoa Andoh, a 60-year-old veteran actress, has always been very pragmatic about filming sex scenes and nudity. She insists that it has always been a “collaborative” process throughout her career. In an interview with The Independent, Andoh shared that there hasn’t been anything raunchy about her sex scenes, but she acknowledges that not everyone’s experience might be the same.

As an actress, she feels it is important to strike a balance between privacy and ensuring performers feel safe during these scenes. In fact, Bridgerton was one of the first TV shows to consistently use privacy coordinators. Andoh admits that her attitude towards sex scenes has evolved over time. She stated that at first, she thought it was something that should be just done and over, but then she realized the importance of thinking about how the scenes could be used.

Andoh acknowledged that some people might say this takes away the spontaneity of these scenes. However, she pointed out that acting occurs in a space – there is a lot of equipment, cameras, and lights, making it less spontaneous than people think.

Ageism in the TV Industry: Andoh’s View

Andoh criticized the TV industry’s “old” attitude towards aging and suggests that women are treated differently than their male counterparts. She pointed out that women have to push harder to show that they are still vibrant, interesting, sexual, and all the good stuff. Ageism is something that is prevalent across the industry and needs to be addressed.

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Andoh also emphasized the unique perspective that older artists bring to a film or TV set. She shared that as an older person, there is a complexity to life that doesn’t exist when you’re younger. There are things that change you, things that haunt you, things that catch up with you, and things that you want to avoid or embrace. These experiences add depth to a character, which makes their story all the more interesting and deserving of attention.


Adjoa Andoh’s collaborative approach towards sex scenes is an excellent example for the TV industry. It highlights the importance of making performers feel safe and comfortable during these scenes. Moreover, Andoh’s views on ageism emphasize the need to embrace diversity and give older artists the attention they deserve. They bring a unique perspective, something that younger actors might find hard to achieve. Thus, we should embrace and celebrate actors’ experiences, regardless of their age or gender.

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