Health Monitoring: Google Pixel 8 Pro Can Measure Body Temperature

The Importance of Thermometers During the Pandemic

As the pandemic continues, one of the essential things people missed having at home is a thermometer. Thermometers are critical for detecting fever, which may indicate COVID-19 infection. Many people had to go to the pharmacy to purchase one because of this, despite modern mobile technology. Hence, Google has decided that its next mobile device, the Google Pixel 8 Pro, will feature a thermometer function, making it even more useful.

New Features of Google Pixel 8 Pro Leaked

The Google I/O 2023 recently introduced some exciting new devices, including the Pixel Fold and the Pixel 7a, which offers cutting-edge technology at a more affordable price. But, of course, the tech giant is already planning the next flagship device, the Google Pixel 8 Pro. Leaks suggest that the new device’s feature will focus on people’s wellbeing, which could help detect localized ailments.

Google Pixel 8 Pro’s Thermometer Feature

The Google Pixel 8 Pro will feature a thermometer that can measure temperature with its back. By directing the rear cameras to the face, a user can then place the camera casing against their forehead and activate the feature. The terminal will then take a measurement of the temperature by moving from the forehead to the side of the head, determining whether or not a fever is present.

It remains to be seen whether this feature will be included in Google’s new wellness features, such as the dashcam feature, or if it will be integrated into the phone. However, it’s good to know that it exists and will be available in the Google Pixel 8 Pro.

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Unfortunately, the video demonstrating this feature was removed by Google while this article was being written. But we know it existed and are hopeful that we’ll see it again soon.

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