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Heartbreaking Details Revealed in Angus Cloud's Autopsy Report

Heartbreaking Details Revealed in Angus Cloud’s Autopsy Report

In the aftermath of Angus Cloud’s tragic passing, his mother, Lisa Cloud, shared her grief on Facebook and expressed her belief that her son’s death was not by suicide. “He was reorganizing his room and placing items around the house with intent to stay a while in the home he loved,” Lisa wrote. “He spoke of his intent to help provide for his sisters at college, and also help his mom emotionally and financially. He did not intend to end his life.”

Following the revelation that Angus Cloud died of an accidental overdose, Lisa further confirmed to People that his death was unintentional, offering some heartbreaking details about his final moments. “It was predominantly the central nervous system depressants. It started to slow his heart and slow his breathing,” she explained. “He got tired from lack of oxygen. Everything just slowed down, and eventually his heart stopped and he went to sleep. But he didn’t kill himself.”

Lisa continued to recount to People the gut-wrenching experience of discovering her son’s lifeless body. “I started shaking him and screaming. I pushed him hard, and he fell on the floor. I tried to resuscitate him — mouth to mouth — and I was compressing him,” she sorrowfully recalled. Despite her desperate efforts and having a neighbor call 911, it was already too late. The love and tributes that poured in for Angus across the internet testify to the deep affection people had for him.

Source: People