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Heartbreaking Truths About Hallmark Star Tyler Hynes' Life

Heartbreaking Truths About Hallmark Star Tyler Hynes’ Life

The following article includes mentions of gun violence.

Tyler Hynes, widely known for his roles in Hallmark movies, has won over many fans, affectionately called “Tyler Enthusiasts.” While his life as an actor might seem idyllic, Hynes has faced his share of hardships and tragedies. One such incident occurred while filming the Hallmark movie “Always Amore,” in which Hynes portrays Ben, who helps a widowed woman, Elizabeth, played by Autumn Reeser, get her late husband’s restaurant back on track.

During an interview with “Remark the Show” on YouTube, Hynes shared that he sustained a concussion during the last two days of filming. He fell and injured his head while shooting the final scene. Reflecting on the incident, Hynes said, “Yeah, the last two days of shooting I gotta tell you guys, like, I’ve had some spills in my time — this one really rocked my noodle and yeah, and I was out of it.” Despite the injury, he had to continue working. He recounted, “So no, unfortunately I was by myself, just you know, head in my hand, blood in my hand, going, ‘Great, I gotta go to work now.'”

While filming “Always Amore,” Hynes faced another emotional challenge: the loss of a dear friend. He took to Instagram to express his condolences and to dedicate the movie to a family that had suffered a similar loss. Hynes’s best friend’s mother, Kathy, passed away suddenly during the time he was filming. Deeply affected, Hynes found himself filming one of the movie’s most poignant scenes shortly after hearing the news. “A scene that deals with the loss of someone you love. It was surreal to say the least, but her life and indeed her passing gave me things I won’t discuss here but will follow me forever. For the better,” he shared. As a tribute, he changed a line in the film to honor Kathy.

Hynes dedicated “Always Amore” to Kathy and her loved ones, reiterating the importance of carrying the memory of lost loved ones with us forever. He shared his support for fans dealing with grief, emphasizing the significance of cherishing the memories of those we have lost.

Tyler Hynes was also present at a tragic event unrelated to his acting career. He and Janel Parrish, his co-star in a spoof trailer for “Falling For Football,” attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2024 Super Bowl victory parade on February 14. Unfortunately, the celebration was marred by gun violence, leaving multiple people injured and one person dead. Thankfully, both Hynes and Parrish were safe. An admin from an Andrew Walker fan page confirmed their safety on the Hynies Headquarters Instagram page, stating, “FROM ANDREW TYLER IS SAFE.” This was validated as Walker, who is a co-star in “Three Wise Men and a Baby,” is married to Hynes’s cousin.

Following the event, Hynes expressed his sorrow on Instagram. He posted a white heart and later uploaded a video documenting the pre- and post-shooting atmosphere. “My thoughts are with everyone near or far affected by this unfortunate happening,” he wrote. “A world where this doesn’t exist would be a lovely one. More important than my particular experience is the recognition of the beauty of this city and the people therein. Every single person I was with and met that day are as lovely as they come. And every single person who I was with during the moments we’re seeing on the news, I couldn’t be more proud of,” he continued, adding a bandaged heart emoji and, “KC.”

If you have been impacted by incidents of mass violence, or are experiencing emotional distress related to incidents of mass violence, you can call or text Disaster Distress Helpline at 1-800-985-5990 for support.

Source: The List