Heartland Season 16: Release Date and Everything We Know

You may have come across shows that last for many seasons, like five, six, seven, or ten, to be the highest. But do you know? There’s one Canadian show that has 16 seasons. 

It is rare for TV shoes to last this long, but when they do, know that they are worth watching. We are talking about Heartland. The Canadian drama aired in 2007. As of 2022, the show has been up and running with 16 seasons. With its strong cast and crew, watching Heartland will give you a great time, bringing you laughs, tears, and shocks. 

What is the Plot of Heartland? 

Heartland is a Canadian drama based on a series of novels written by Lauren Brooke. The story shows a fictional family living in Alberta on a ranch. It has two sisters, a grandfather, a father, and a farmland. The family is called the Bartlett-Fleming family. The plot exhibits its drama, revolving around the lives of the family members as horse trainers and riders. 

It has been developed by Murray Shostak and airs on CBC. Heartland made its debut on the 14th of October, 2007. Till now, the show has aired 242 episodes. Its 15th season concluded in 2021, leaving the fans craving it even more. 

What is the Update on the 16th Season of Heartland? 

When the special trailer of the show appeared, the fans were taken aback. They were jumping with joy as the channel released the full trailer of the season. It was also posted on YouTube. 

As soon as the trailer was released, it unveiled many clues about how the 16th season would unfold the story. There was an increase in the horse involvement for Lyndy, Rick’s fatherhood, and Finn and Amy hitting it off. The audience saw Katie dealing with a daunting situation while Tim trying to develop a friendly relationship with his child. 

The trailer itself increased the expectation of the audience. The show-makers have also released its synopsis, which reads as below. 

“Season 16 of Heartland finds Amy and the rest of the family making bold strides toward their futures. For Amy, that means taking the blinders off and looking at her life with renewed hope and focus. She will be challenged by the horses that need her help, but she will also open herself up to the possibility of new friendships and maybe even romance. Amy’s daughter, Lyndy, will follow in her mom’s footsteps as her talents with horses start to develop over the course of the season. Jack and Lisa will find themselves living out the dreams they’ve both worked so hard to achieve, but they’ll also realize that there are unforeseen consequences to dreams coming true. Just as Lou and Peter have recommitted as a couple, Katie will struggle to find her place in the world and in her family. Tim has never been happier in his marriage to Jessica, but a ghost from his past will force him to reconsider mistakes he made years ago and seek ways to atone for them.”

What will happen in Season 16? 

Season 16 will take you on an emotional roller-coaster. The Bartlett-Fleming clan is back in action, and stronger than ever. The future knocks at the door, and the family is set to make some big decisions. 

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The synopsis highlights the progress that the episodes of the season will make. 

Heartland has Already Started Airing 

Just when you thought that the trailer and synopsis of Heartland were enough to satiate your excitement, there comes the show. 

CBC released the first episode of Heartland at 7 pm ET on the 2nd of October, 2022. A new episode releases each week at the same time. 

Are you wondering how many episodes would this season have? According to reports, the number of episodes has increased from 10 to 15. Rest assured, you will get a good dose of drama throughout your journey with Heartland. 

Details About the Episodes 

The synopsis of the first ten episodes of Heartland Season 16 read as under: 

  • Episode 1 – Something’s Got to Give (2nd Oct 2022)

After another Miracle Girl moment, Amy reconsiders her role at the Youth Centre. Jack misses Lisa, especially after Tim and Jessica are forced to move into the house. 

  • Episode 2 – Changes (9th Oct 2022)

Amy’s decision to work with Peyton Westfielf’s horse upsets Logan. Jack helps Katie find her own path. Lou has to come through for Rick. 

  • Episode 3 – On the Ropes (16th Oct 2022) 

Amy and Caleb train one of Sam’s rescue horses to be a roping horse. Jack and Tim disagree about Blue’s future. Katie and Logan go river rafting and end up on a bigger adventure than they expected. 

  • Episode 4 – Spark to Flame (23rd Oct 2022)

Amy is surprised to learn that Finn has returned to town. Jack and Tim win Hudson’s Entrepreneur of the Year award, which leads to unexpected problems for Lou and the arrival of someone from Tim’s past. 

  • Episode 5 – Higher Ground (30th Oct 2022) 

When flood evacuees come to Hudson, Amy works with a traumatized horse. Jack and Lisa help a young couple. Tim connects with an evacuee. Rick steps up in Lou’s absence. 

  • Episode 6 – Into the Wild (6th Nov 2022)
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Amy helps a unique animal from an abandoned zoo. Tim joins Jessica in New York for her art show, while trying to fix the past mistake. Jack and Lisa work through difficulties in their relationship.

  • Episode 7 – Vigil (13th Nov 2022) 

A storm leads to a sad goodbye. Amy thinks her worst fears about Finn have come true. Lou reads Katie’s journal without permission. 

  • Episode 8 – Running Down a Dream (20th Nov 2022) 

Amy teaches Lyndy how to barrel race. Logan’s father arrives at Heartland. Jessica seeks distraction from disappointment in New York. Katie gets her ears pierced, causing a fight with Lou. 

  • Episode 9 – True Colors, New Tricks (27th Nov 2022) 

Amy leads an overnight trail ride to help with Jessica’s new photography job. On the ride, Amy and Jack have a disagreement about Finn. Lou’s latest mayoral event upsets Rick. 

  • Episode 10 – Lurking in the Shadows 

Amy and Lou go on a road trip to stop Miracle Girl’s imposter. Tim puts on a rodeo school showcase, but a series of mysterious events threaten the show. Amy questions if she should visit Finn. 

 More updates on the upcoming episodes are awaited.

You will Meet the Old Cast 

Season 16 features many familiar faces. So, expecting them would be no surprise. Here is a look into the cast of the current season. 

  • Amber Marshall as Amy 
  • Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy 
  • Shaun Johnston as Jack 
  • Jessica Steen as Lisa 
  • Chris Potter as Tim 
  • Michelle Morgan as Lou 
  • Baye McPherson as Katie 
  • Michelle Nolden as Jessica 
  • Gabriel Hogan as Peter 

These characters will appear in a smaller or larger capacity, depending on the development of the story. You may not be able to spot everyone in every episode of the season. That said, be sure to see all the friendly faces once again. 

Besides them, you will also spot Aidan Moreno as Lou’s Chief Administrative Officer Rick and Kerry James as Caleb. Both actors have been sharing many updates from the set of the new season. Drew Davis will also be back as Logan, a problematic teen turned Amy’s protégé. Last but not least, you will also spot Ava Tran portraying Parker. 

While a majority of old faces will be seen in the new season, fans wonder if they will see their favorite Alisha Newton too. Unfortunately, no news about whether the actress will be a part of this season has been released. Alisha hasn’t made an appearance in any of the photos posted on social media. She was also absent throughout Season 15. Some fans speculate that the actress might have left the show for good. But the creators haven’t released an official statement about it. 

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Will There be New Faces? 

New seasons of the shows bring some new faces on board. Thus, you may expect the same from the 16th season of Heartland. Although not enough information is available about the new cast, there are some bits and pieces. 

For instance, Michelle Morgan’s IG post suggested that Peter Michael Dillon would be a part of season 16. You will also spot new faces that will play Lyndy’s classmates. One of them is actor Huxley Fisher. 

Where can I Watch Heartland Season 16? 

The audience from Canada can watch the 16th season of Heartland on CBC every week. 

Know these Interesting Facts about Heartland 

  • The familiar Heartland barn and ranch house are a part of the working cattle ranch located in Millarville, Alberta. According to reports, Roy Foster’s parents moved into the ranch, in 1928 to raise White Faced Hereford cattle. At present, this ranch is privately owned. Interestingly, only the cast of Heartland have an access to the ranch. 

  • Wondering where the Heartland Studio is? Well, it is located in Calgary, Alberta. The show has four primary filming locations. All the outdoor scenes around the barn and ranch house have been filmed on the ranch in Millarville. The dude ranch is an independent set located close to the Heartland ranch. The interior scenes at the ranch or the vet clinic have been filmed in a studio in Calgary.

  • Interestingly, some actors in the series are not actors alone, but directors as well. For instance, Michelle Morgan and Chris Potter have directed the episodes of the show. The former has directed the ninth episode of Season 14 called Find me Dark. Chris Potter, on the other hand, has directed a whopping 23 episodes on the show till now. 

  • Not everyone knows this, but Amber Marshall, who plays the lead role of Amy Fleming was a last-minute casting decision of the directors. She did complete justice to her role of Amy, and the audience loved her. On a personal front, Amber has been a horse rider since she was three years old. The actress has deep personal love for animals and owns six horses among the two dozen animals on her ranch.

  • Heartland is the longest-running hour-long series in the history of Canadian television. No other show has come closer to it. Season 9 has been the most watched season of the series so far. The show has averaged increased viewership for four consecutive seasons. 

  • Most interestingly, more horses have appeared in all seasons of Heartland than actors with speaking roles. 

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