“Héctor Parra Receives 10-Year Prison Sentence for Corruption of Minors”

Héctor Parra, the 90s artist who achieved fame for his acting skills, has recently been sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of corruption of minors. This news came as a result of his daughter, Alexa Hoffman, reporting him to the authorities for sexual abuse. The actor has been in prison preventive since July 15, 2021, after being arrested outside his home and transferred to the Reclusorio Oriente.

Héctor was acquitted on May 11 of seven charges of abuse, but was notified about his sentence regarding the case of corruption of minors. Olivia Rubio Rodríguez, lawyer for the accusing party, sent a statement confirming the actor’s sentence, after the hearing held this afternoon at the Reclusorio Oriente in Mexico City. The decision of the authorities comes a day after Daniela Parra, the actor’s eldest daughter, held a march in favor of her father and in which she asked for freedom, both for him and for those people who are unfairly serving a sentence due to failed expert reports and false denunciations, among other arbitrary situations.

As will be remembered, Héctor was about to learn of this verdict on May 18; However, a health problem for the interpreter prevented the hearing from taking place and therefore it was not until May 25 that the authorities’ resolution was known. After almost two years of being deprived of his liberty, Parra continues to deny all the facts of the that his youngest descendant accuses him, while his eldest daughter continues to express her unconditional support for the artist.

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It was in 2020 that Héctor Parra’s life changed, as his daughter Alexa reported him to the authorities for sexual abuse. After several investigations, he was arrested in mid-2021. Alexa does not retract the accusation she made against the interpreter and is even preparing the launch of a documentary where he will tell his version of the events for which he denounced the man who gave him life and whom he claims he no longer recognizes as a father.

This case brings attention to the importance of reporting abuse and having proper investigations to attain justice and protect the victims. It is also crucial to understand the devastating effects of sexual abuse on minors and work towards preventing such incidents in the future.

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