“Héctor Soberón disputes paternity case ruling regarding alleged unrecognized son”

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Héctor Soberón Breaks Silence and Defends Himself Against Alleged Paternity Lawsuit

Mexican actor, Héctor Soberón has spoken up in his defense against allegations that he lost a paternity lawsuit against Brigitte Karen Rivera, who sued him back in 2016. Reports claim that Soberón would have to pay an extra support fine for a child who is now 10 years old. Soberón denied the allegations on video via his Instagram handle, stating that he is not the biological father of Rivera’s son who is now 13 years old.

Soberón criticized the media for spreading false information, stating that the trial has not reached a final or final sentence; rather, it continues in an appeal process in which the magistrates will be deciding the sentence. He emphasized that both Brigitte Karen and the media that released the news only want to discredit him in the public opinion.

“It is worth mentioning that both the mother of the minor and the magazine that made the publication, it is not the first time that they use this to accuse me of things that never happened and discredit me. With this, it would be the fourth time that they mention that they have won the trial and promise to have a birth certificate in less than 15 days, a situation that has never happened, and this time it won’t happen either,” he asserted.

Soberón expressed that at the moment, his lawyers are in charge of the matter, and he hopes the judicial procedure comes to an end. However, for the moment, there is no sentence that the magazine mentions. Soberón will not be giving interviews in this regard, as the tranquility of his family is of great importance.

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